Start blogging and earn is not just a myth. There was a time when blogging seemed an intimidating process for me. I started with uncertainties and unanswered questions in my mind, but I persevered anyway.

Now, more than 300 blogs later and 15 years of lessons gleaned along the way, I realised that almost anyone who is willing to learn, work hard, and persevere could earn through a simple blog.

Start Blogging and Earn

Most, if not all, of the popular bloggers you hear or follow, have, in fact, started off with a basic post, and now, they can rake in a monthly earning of more than a USD 100,000.
Perhaps not all of them started with the goal of earning that much money per month, but I am almost certain that as soon as they saw the earning opportunity in blogging, they realised that they could generate a sustainable income stream from it.

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Like with any startups, there are two types of actions a business person can take: contributing or distracting. Over the years, I witnessed many newbies starting out with vigor and eagerness only to abandon their pursuit midway because of two common reasons. One is being unsure of the effectivity of one’s methods, and another is discouragement when results do not measure up to expectations of time and income.

This is why I wrote this article. To start blogging and earn! Anyone can do it.

I want to encourage those who, like I was once upon a time, are fearful and unsure of the idea of blogging being an income-generating activity. As a said, you can definitely earn just by simply blogging.

In this post, I will run you through my personal blogging process and explain to you why I do what I do. And of course, to show you that you can start blogging and earn.

Since the content of my post is based more on personal experience, I’d like to disclose that what I am going to share with you is, by no means, the standard or 100% foolproof practice. 

This is only based on the understanding I’ve gleaned in my 7 years of blogging, including the earning opportunities that a simple blog can open up for you. 

I set up my niche website back in 2014, and although my blogging process may, therefore, be six years old or so, I believe it still is relevant to this day what means that you can also start blogging and earn.

By sharing with you my personal journey, I am hoping that you and those who aspire to generate income out of a simple blog can obtain an overall perspective of the process which worked for me and can work for you too. 

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Domain and Hosting first

To set up your niche website, you start with finding hosting for it – a decent one. Start blogging and earn money with trusted hosting providers.

Then, you’ll need to decide on your domain name. Later on, I’ll teach you how to obtain a free domain name, but usually you will get free domain together with hosting.

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Most acceptable web hosting packages are rented out at USD 50 a month. However, while you are still finding your footing, you can get your site professionally hosted by spending only several dollars monthly. 
There are several web hosting providers you can choose. The most known and optimised for WordPress are:

  • BlueHost
  • SiteGround
  • Wealthy Affiliate (if you take premium membership)

Take any of these and start your blog. How? Just install WordPress. I made super in depth instructions how to setup your hosting, domain and WordPress blog. You can check it here

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For instance, while I mention the importance of using keywords in your content, I may mention the importance of having a keyword tool such as WA Keyword Tool or Jaaxy, both of which perform similar functions. However, Jaaxy can be employed for free and enables you to access 30 free searches.

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As for me, I host my own website at Wealthy Affiliate, under their premium membership package, and some blogs on my own servers i rented. Premium members can host a maximum of 50 websites for one membership, which can mean that you can have a many as 50 blogs, which can generate income for you all at the same time!

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So, is it really possible to start blogging and earn in five days?

It is possible, but it will all depend on your online knowledge, so please know that I’m using the five-day assurance loosely here. If you’re an unsavvy digital user, it may take longer, while if you have a previous background as an online user, it may take five days or less.

This also means that some users may be able to finish the tasks of establishing a niche website (bar content production which may require some level of skill) in half a day (I can now complete this process in less than 60 seconds), while other online users may need days to accomplish all the tasks. So, it’s dependent on the skill and background.

If you’re a complete newbie in the niche marketing business, you may need more than five days to complete the process, and like any other new ventures, there is a learning curve. Through constant and correct practice, one becomes an expert.

Time is also essential. The more time you allocate to learning the process, the better and faster, you’ll be able to accomplish everything. So yes, i guarantee to start blogging and earn is possible.

While we have our own unique circumstances and levels of skill, learning curves vary accordingly.

What I’ve come up here is a step-by-step process with each task being accomplished in 30 minutes or less. You’ll understand what I mean soon.

I suggest that you execute each of the tasks yourself as I explain it to you so that you are able to set up your site and get on with your internet business before long.

Also, as soon as you become a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community, you’ll discover that you’ll never lack for support and advice every step of the way.

Let’s get started.

First Day: Choosing Your Niche to start blogging and earn

The key to draw your target market to your niche website is to first get to know and understand who your target audience is and what do they look for when they go online.

So, our first task is to find your target audience or niche.

The best location to look for your niche is at the heart of your passion or interest. Why? The more knowledgeable or interested you are about your niche, the more advantageous it is for your sustained operation. You’ll soon understand.

I’ve come across a lot of newbies who happen to be experts in many of the topics or niches. Unfortunately, they are not even aware of it.

So, with regard to finding your niche, I suggest that you come up with three lists, with each list containing 10-20 items.

For me, my listing will be something similar to the ones below:

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1st List: Passion or Interests: this list will consist of the interests that you love to learn and talk about. Mine would probably be travel on the topmost.

2nd List: Subjects that you wish to know about: an example here for me would be ‘how to put together a touch-free, intelligent home.”

3rd List: Obstacles or Daily Irritants: an example would be muscle pain or migraines

Come on, accomplish these lists. After this, I’ll ask you to rank them in terms of interest, with the ones you’re most interested in place atop the list.

To aid you in determining your suitable niches in minutes, you can watch many free affiliate tutorials as free memeber at Wealthy Affiliate here.

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you may now be able to access the WA Keyword Tool. This is found on ‘Tools’ under the main menu, after Websites and Hosting.

 To use this tool, just type in your keyword or main words on your lists on the WA Keyword Tool search bar and then press ‘enter.’ 

It is recommended to search by volume since this will reveal to you the phrases or words that people usually key in or seem to be interested in, with regard to your chosen niche.

Try to keep an eye on the keywords that generate the most traffic.

I am unsure where the Wealthy Affiliate obtains all its keyword results, but it is not from Google.

Most probably, it is generated based on research and results from all the popular search engines.

Regardless, this is a wonderful reference on which to base your niche choices.

When you keep an eye on the volume of each search, you actually see where the most interest lies with regard to your niche.

I suggest that you click on the narrowed keywords from the main keyword in order to narrow your scope and increase your chances of being ranked by your search engine.

As an additional guide, I suggest you take a look at this video with regard to finding your top best niches in a few minutes.

As soon as you’ve made up your mind as to what niche you want to focus on, ask yourself then the following questions:

  1. How will you be able to verify this niche’s viability?
  2. Is there a financial limit to this niche?
  3. How much interest is there with this niche, apart from myself?

These questions are part of the commonly asked questions in Wealthy Affiliate, so I decided to include them here in this article, just in case you’re asking yourself too and do not know where to go from here.

Second Day: Keyword Assessment to Start blogging and earn

So now that you’ve got your keyword, it’s time to determine how you will use it so that your site or articles get ranked well. Remember that the higher your rank in the search, the likelier that your site gets visited. 

In this business, the more visits to your website, the higher your chances of sales conversion, and the more relevant your website will be perceived.

While browsing through the keyword lists, you’ll find that one or two of your keywords keep popping up. Keep an eye on these keywords as the results reveal that they are the more popular keywords with regard to your niche.

On my website, I opt for the more famous brands to sell because I can leverage the market loyalty and brand recall from these products.

Third Day: Sizing the Competition and Domain Name Registration

In order to succeed, you must also check out the competition.

What you can do, in this stage, is to key in your main keyword in the search bar to find out what the expected traffic results are.

I conduct these for many reasons, and one of which is to know what websites Google considers relevant with regard to your niche.

So, if a website gets ranked in Google’s initial page, it means that it has ticked off Google’s checklist for relevancy. You must know that there are over 200 items on this checklist. If we, thus, want to be ranked well i.e., to land on Google’s initial page, we need to understand how and the best way to do it is to look to those sites that succeeded.

By checking out these well-ranked sites, you also get to learn other things from them, such as the type of website formats that cater effectively to your niche.

Keyword mastery is part of search engine optimization (SEO), and this is one of the more important skills to build when you want to succeed in niche marketing.

If you think this is quite confusing to you now, I suggest you dig deeper into this topic to fully understand this. There are a good number of tutorials in WA that will provide you more information on this, or you can always consult the experts in the community for advice.

Still, on our third day, the next step is to select and register your domain name.

Your domain name should logically be one that incorporates your main keyword.

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To illustrate, if you choose the wireless headphones niche, your domain name could be, which constitute the keywords that rank very well in this particular niche. See the above illustration.

You can also use Ahrefs (which is super expensive) or SemRush as alternative to track your competitors and keywords ranking.

Fourth Day: Set Up Your Niche Website

Content production is what sustains the operation of a niche website.

Since you already figured your keyword on the first day and have, at least, a general idea of what online users search for with regard to your niche, these will be your guides when you start to create content. You’ll then need to address these popular searches with the type of content that you will be creating.

Based on your previous research, you know what your targeted niche is interested in, and what websites (the competition) are successful in addressing these searches, then you’ve got your starting points.

Fifth Day: Backlinking

Here is where your membership in the Wealthy Affiliate also becomes handy. 

WA, which deals with niche marketing, consistently ranks well in Google. 

Since Google regularly assesses the content of websites, this means that WA’s content with regard to niche marketing is always relevant and enjoys high traffic. Remember that the higher your rank, the greater the chances of your website being visited.

So, when you include a WA link in your content, your website will get indexed relatively quickly. 

Take a look at the following screenshot of how Wealthy Affiliate’s site fares in terms of authority. If you have a bit of background in SEO, having a 55/100 rank in domain authority and 63/100 rank in page authority is quite fantastic.

In your WA profile account, you can then add your new link.

Since Wealthy Affiliate also enables feedback from its community members, you can also include more links on the other pages to your site.

On Wealthy Affiliate you can find many useful webinars on how to rank on Google’s first page. Click the following link to join Wealthy Affiliate and start earning online.

You may think the webinar is dated, but you’ll soon realize that the information it provides you here is evergreen.

Considering that you are new to this business, I’ve tried not to overload you with too much information here. As I said, this is like a bird’s eye view of the process. To access more details of each, I recommend taking WA free training and even some of its offered webinars.

There are tons of references in there, and I suggest you take advantage of them.

Also, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel where I am posting regular content related to affiliate marketing and making money online.

So, this is where I’ll leave you. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to type them on this page, and let’s talk.

Video is here:

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