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Module 1 - Day 1 - 3 - Pre-requirements

Episode 1 - Some basics

So to start using Pinterest you have to register you free business account. You can do it clicking here.

Episode 2 - Things you MUST have

Online business means that you MUST have website (or at least YouTube channel) that you can drive traffic somewhere. Start with hosting here.

Episode 3 - Tool we will use first

Tailwindapp will be first FREE tool we will use in this master class. You can take and get your free version on Tailwindapp here.

Module 2 Training Day 4 - 6

Episode 4 - Tailwindapp intro

Here we will learn what is Tailwindapp and basic tools in it. Register for Tailwindapp for free here 

Episode 5 - Tailwindapp blueprint

How to take the best what you can from Tailwindapp. Free version have some limits so let's use all what we can from that!

Episode 6 - Canva - free editor

Canva will be your best friend for everything related with images. It's 100% free. Register here and get free extra credits!

Episode 7 - Tailwind first look

Here we will explain all functions of tailwind app, and save you a lot of time with tips what not to use there.

Episode 8 - Tailwind publisher

What is it all about in tailwind? And how this automation tool works you can find in this video lesson.

Episode 9 - Tailwind app smart loop

Your best friend to work instead of you is smart loop. This tool will helps you to make hard work instead of you.

Module 3 Training Day 7 - 9

Episode 10 - Jarvee intro

In this video we will talk about Jarvee, what it is and how to get it, but also how to get free Windows VPS server to run jarvee 24/7

Episode 11 - Course goal blueprint

Here i will explain what is are final goal with this course. With this blueprint will be more clear what we want to get using this tools.

Episode 12 - Jarve and Proxy 

If you plan to manage more than one accounts you should use proxy servers. The most cheapest one are here.

Episode 13 - Jarvee first steps

In this video we will learn how to setup human behaviour, start to follow other users and setup program to avoid ban on Pinterest.

Episode 14 - Making campaign

Jarvee campaigns are main reason why to use this application 🙂 It will save us a lot of time and bring so wanted result in the same time.

Episode 15 - Conclusion and Proof

In final chapter about Jarvee i will share with you my final thoughts and show you proof for method i explained here.

Module 4 Training Day 10 - 12

Episode 16 - What to use FollowLiker

In this video we will learn what is FollowLiker best for and how to get best results with it. Also, if you are enough with Jarve you don't need FL.

Episode 17 - How to use FollowLiker

In this video i will show you blueprint how to exactly use FollowLiker and what is idea of using it to make us bigger reach and audience.

Episode 18 - Conclusion

In chapter final thoughts we will pass over recap of whole course repeating features of all application I explained.


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