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Step 1

Learn basics of Pinterest. Understand logic of Pinterest and pinning. Learn which tools we will use to grow your account.

Step 2

Pinterest automation with Tailwind app. You will learn everything about Tailwind and mastering it in depth.
Exciting course.

Step 3

More advanced automation with one cool tool and its superpowers.
You will learn how to reach huge audience.

Step 4

In this step you will use one more tool to mastering Pinterest. You will understand what is MLM and how it works in Pinterest giving you more free traffic.

Step 5

Tuning and improvements. This is something where you will spend the most time after you mastering Pinterest basics. Fine tuning can push you to go viral.

Step 6

Recap and blueprints.
Here you will recap all learned skills and get blueprints which you can simply copy and paste and use for free to build up your Pinterest.

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