Online jobs that you can start now list is long, and it may pop questions in your mind. The fact is online Jobs are authentic. They’re legal, and they pay you!

Online Jobs You can Start Now

That is; as long as you don’t get caught up in performing a variety of those crappy online jobs that numerous other blogs tout.

Today, I’m writing about the best online jobs you can start now. Also, i recently make an article for everyone interested to became successful YouTuber.

Not only that, I’ll provide you with companies that are hiring for these jobs. Oh! Did I mention they’re perfect for all of you who want something super flexible? Let’s get to them.

What Are the Online Jobs that you can start now?

Here are my top picks for the online jobs you can start now. They’re well-founded, and almost anyone can do them.

Online Jobs You Can Start Now as a Social Media Strategist

It is one of the only online jobs today because numerous companies are focusing on social media.

Whether you’re working for a versatile company or managing accounts on your own, there’s no shortage of work because of the urge to work as an online social media specialist.

Here’s what I mean:

  • You can work for companies like Thrive, Boldly, ModSquad and Appen, moderating social platforms for some clients.
  • You furthermore may find a cool Social Media job on Hubstaff Talent and work on a brand’s image across all social platforms.
  • Or, you’ll think about one area of social media and be an expert there on one platform, like I wrote about during this the thanks to being A Pinterest Manager post.

Internet Researcher:

Internet Researchers use their internet search skills to supply information to their employer or client asked for. It is one of the simplest online jobs you can start now. There are many research scenarios, from complex – requiring several hours of research, to simple – where your research is completed within an hour.

You might gather statistics, possibly determine a specific outcome and even search contact information.

But whatever you work as an online Researcher requires attention to detail. Here is a pair of examples:

  • You may even be asked to research digital marketing trends for an outsized agency. It could take several hours because new trends are shooting up all the time. You’re doing the research, submit your findings, and procure paid.
  • Or you’d possibly have a gig where a business owner wants to understand who on the web is mentioning their business.
  • And a few clients request simple research tasks, like finding an inventory of their competitor’s addresses.

What quantity are you able to earn as a WEB Researcher?

According to zip recruiter, the national average salary for a Web Researcher is over $59,000.00 a year. On the low end, the annual average earning is $15,500, then so the high end being up to $77,000.

Online Jobs You Can Start Now

Here’s where you’ll get an online Research Job

Here are some platforms for online jobs you can start now.

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10EQS hires industry pros and independent consultants to perform in-depth research and solve important problems within specific industries for his or her clients.

Based on your background, you’ll be assigned projects on one among several industries like aerospace, automotive, education, healthcare, technology, or logistics.

IT-Boss Research:

IT-Boss Research may be a job-matching platform that works with independent contractors to finish court research for his or her clients.

Even though you’ll be doing court research, with most of some time spent at local courthouses, there still is a little online research involved. When matched with a client, you’ll attend local courthouses checking out specific sorts of public documents that are on file by the courts.

The types of assignments vary with each client, but the foremost common assignments are researching mortgages, marriages, tax liens, bankruptcies, evictions, and foreclosures.


Wonder-Wonder hires researchers (called Analysts) to supply nearly instant feedback to the questions asked by their customers. The process works like this:

  • You check-in and obtain accepted
  • Log into your Wonder dashboard
  • Be assigned to a project
  • Find answers
  • Get paid

Online Jobs You Can Start Now from home

According to Wonder, a number of the foremost common research requests are product recommendations, researching trends, and gathering statistics.

Paid Contributor: Online Jobs You Can Start Now

A Paid Contributor is someone who writes for money. In other words, you conform to submit a chunk of your original writing, specifically formatted, and receive payment when it’s published. It is one of the highly recommended online jobs you can start now.

  • It can be profitable if you’re good at it.
  • Here are some options to become a Paid Contributor:

1) Write for content marketing agencies:

A content marketing agency is an internet platform where writers (or aspiring writers) publish articles that are then sold to blog owners to be used as content on their blog.

You’re paid when your article is purchased.

You can start writing for a few of the content marketing agencies like SmartBug Media, NDash, Aha Media Group, and Animalz.

Your next option is:

2) Become a paid contributor for existing blogs:

I think this is often a good option if you have got some knowledge and skill during a specific niche and don’t want to run your blog. Just remember to read the rules and follow them exactly.

Here are some places that pay you to write:

  • A List Apart
  • Income Diary
  • Listverse
  • Metro Parents
  • Money Crashers
  • The Dollar Stretcher
  • Wise Bread

Your next option is:

3) Become a contract writer:

Contract writer is another well-known platform for online jobs you can start. It is the choice that has the foremost earning potential and longevity. The U.S. Bureau of Labor tells us that over the following 10-years, there’ll be little to no change within the number of writers. So, because there won’t be a spike in new writers, there’s more opportunity for you to book work and make freelance writing a full-time online job.

Here’s a way to start as a contract writer:

  • First, determine a distinct segment.
  • For instance, does one like writing detailed product descriptions for e-commerce stores? Consider yourself a Product Description Writer.
  • Next, do touch research to work out what proportion to charge. You’ll be able to try this by trying out other freelance writers to work out what quantity they’re paid.

For example:

Here are the highest writers on one in every of the foremost used freelance platforms ( See what proportion they charge?

Also, use social media to search out some writer groups.

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You’ll see that lots of freelance writers are pretty open about what they charge and the way much they work. You’ll even find a commentary gig or two.

Finally, get paid. You have your specialty (niche), you’ve got some pro tips, you recognize a way to write.

Now you wish to search out paying clients.

You can find clients for writing projects in an exceeding form of places, like these:

  • Writing-specific job boards like Pro blogger, Media Bistro, and Journalism Jobs. These boards are very reputable and well-screened.
  • Freelance platforms like Upwork or Freelancer. Start out accepting small writing gigs. So you build up your profile, and then move up to larger writing projects.
  • Social media groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Remote job resources often post current writing jobs. One in all the most effective is We Work Remotely because they not only screen the roles they post, companies must pay to list their job. It removes the scammers. Tip: hunt for writing jobs within the Copywriting and Marketing categories.

Proofreading and Copy Editing Online Jobs You Can Start Now

No one can write perfectly unless he or she is an experienced writer. Everyone faces issues in their written content that might not be great for their business. I remember that I hired someone to write engaging content. He did a great job, but there were several typing mistakes in that content.

That incident made me understand the importance of proofreaders. As well all know that almost every company has shifted its business to the internet. That’s why there is a tremendous increase in the written content on websites and social media platforms. Thus, every company wants experienced copy editors or proofreaders to make their written material a perfect one. These are the two online jobs you can start now!

Is a proofreader different from a copy editor?

The role of a copy editor is to go through the content, find the grammatical mistakes (spellings, punctuation marks, etc.) and correct them. A copy editor has a firm grip over the language and can make the content look.

After the copy editor submits his/her work, the next is the role of a proofreader. He or She reads the file after copy editing, so everything becomes up to the mark. In the case of an experienced copy editor, the proofreader will barely see any mistake in the content. Therefore, go for these most in-demand online jobs you can start now to change your living style!

How to find online jobs you can start now as a copy editor or proofreader?

You can start working with a company. But I prefer to offer your services as a self-employed worker. In this way, you can work with several companies at a time. And you can take the tasks that are comfortable for you.

You can assist companies or even bloggers in running their business. You can offer them the services that you can make their written content look engaging. You don’t have to contact them personally. All you have to do is join the freelancing websites and offer your copy editing/proofreading services. Several blog owners hire several freelancers daily. You could be the one!

Online Jobs You Can Start Now As BOP (Business Service Provider)

Small company owners don’t like to hire full-time employees for office-based jobs. There are several reasons behind it. Working as a freelancer is the best option in my opinion. It will make you work in flexible timing according to your mood.

You are free from the conditions of place and time. You can work from anywhere through your laptop.

What online jobs you can start now as BOP?

There are many business services that you can offer as a Business Service Provider. Here are the top five that I think you should select if you are seriously looking for online jobs you can start now.

  • Graphic Designing
  • Content Writing
  • WordPress Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Virtual Assistant

You can choose other skills if you think you have a firm grip on them.

Who will give these online jobs you can start now?

If you have selected the online jobs you can start now, it’s the time to start your journey right now. Here is how you can start:

  1. You can start your work through freelancing websites. and are where you can find high-paying clients.
  2. You can’t underestimate the power of social media. It is not only for chatting with friends and relatives. You can find clients that need your services using social media. You can use Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In as the best options.
  3. You can search the job requirements in your local area. You can contact the small business owners that might want your services.

These are the three methods that I used to get long-term clients for myself. That’s why I think you should try these out to get the online jobs you can start now!

Online Jobs You Can Start Now As a Travel Specialist

You can become a travel specialist if you love to travel. It is an in-demand skill you can offer as a freelancer.

Many website owners look for travel specialists. But you should not write on multiple niches at the start. Select a particular niche and become an expert in it.

For example the online jobs you can start now as a “Disney Holidays Plan Maker” is:

  • Working with “Love the Mouse Travel.”
  • Working with “Mouse Hunters Travel.”
  • Working with “Mickey’s Travel.”

You can browse more places that will give you work as a Travel Specialist. Note that it is a high-demanding skill, and you’ll get high revenue through this online job.

Provide Online Education: Online Jobs You Can Start Now

Because of Covid-19, all the schools and colleges as closed. It has increased the demand for online tutors worldwide. If you are passionate about teaching, this is one of the best online jobs you can start now.

According to my experience, you can start teaching English to local and foreign people. It is because English is our business-communication language. All of our foreign business dealings are done in English. That’s why everyone wants to learn English.

Where can you start your career as an English teacher?

You can start offering your services as an English Tutor on freelancing websites. Moreover, you can join websites like VIPKID, and Verbling, etc. However, you should have some experience before starting on these websites. If you meet their criteria, you can easily sign-up and start this job right now.

But what to, do if you don’t want to teach English? Don’t worry because there are several opportunities for you as an online tutor. You can give classes on any academic subject like Mathematics or Physics. Or you can start teaching children of primary classes.

There is no limit to online jobs you can start now. All you need is a skill and passion for that skill.

Final Verdict

Which online job will you start for generating handsome revenue? I have given you numerous options that you can select for yourself. Let me know which field will you choose and why?

That’s all I got for the online jobs you can start now. Comment down below and share your views about it. I’ll see you in the next post. Thanks!

Also, on my other blog i make whole free course how to start affiliate marketing blog so feel free to read it too!

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