Monetize traffic in your website and make it profitable.

Success in affiliate marketing is indicated by two things. One is visitor traffic, and the other is search engine ranking. Sustain these two with exceptional content and you’ll discover multiple opportunities to earn money in this business.

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So, after having produced articles for your new website, you will have learned that building traffic is just the first hurdle. The next one is to monetize traffic in your website by directing website visitors to your money page.

What is a money page? A money page is that part or page in your website that is specially configured to make your visitors purchase your product. This is usually accompanied by a purchase-driving visual and the corresponding affiliate link.

Previously, I shared with you my exhaustive list of techniques to realize this goal, so this time, I will provide you a respite from all the heavy text reading and do this quick and easy 3-step process on how to monetize traffic in your website through content.


Monetize traffic in your website

I will break down some of the steps into bulleted points for an effortless read. Let’s begin.

Step 1: Write product reviews.

Product reviews are some of the easier ways to convert visitor traffic into sales. All you need to do is find a product you like or are passionate about, and that will be your initial step here.

Step 1a:    Find your review subject – a product you’re interested in or are knowledgeable about.

Step 1b:   Research about its current competing products.

Step 1c:    Write your review about the chosen product vis-à-vis its competitors in the market. Usually, this article would be composed of 1000-1500 words.

Step 1d:   Share your review on social media to monetize traffic in your website bringing social leads.

Step 1e:    Write your next review and follow the same cycle above.

Easy-peasy. Well, I did tell you that product reviews are among the easiest to do to convert traffic in your affiliate website.

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There is no assurance, though, that you will get ranked because niche authority is built over time while rank is achieved with sustained content updates.


So, what I do is keep producing reviews to increase my chances of getting ranked and in the end to monetize traffic in your website.

Also, if my previous article does not generate traffic, I do not waste my time artificially boosting my rank.

Instead, I try again and write another review. Then, I can later interlink these two articles if they’re related for increased relevancy of my keyword.

This way, not only will I have one more article to add to my website but a better chance of getting indexed by search engines and that will in the end monetize traffic in your website.

For a young website, content volume is vital to ranking and authority building.

So, if you publish a good-enough article a day, you’ll have 30 of those articles in a month, and even if another similar website publishes three awesome articles, Google will still rank yours due to established relevancy by virtue of your volume.

Imagine, therefore, if your 30 articles were even more superb. All the better for your ranking!

The more content you have, the more authority you’re attributed as a reliable information source to internet users.

So, keep writing those moneymaking reviews until you land on that first page and start to monetize traffic in your website.

Step 2: Write more related articles that provide solutions to problems.

What does this mean?

After you write your review, you just do not wait until your traffic converts.

You need to attract more traffic and drive it to your review article, specifically your money page, and this is how I do it:

  Step 2a: Think of 10 challenges or problems (at a minimum) that people encounter in relation to your product.

For example, if you’re reviewing about ‘ratchet pruners,’ you may come up with the following challenges that people often encounter in relation to pruning, specifically those that relate to the product:

2.a.1. Sprained wrists during pruning hardy plants

2.a.2. Spread of disease from tree to tree

2.a.3. How to maintain your front landscape

2.a.4. Where to buy affordable pruning implements

2.a.4.  What are the best seasons or periods to prune flowering shrubs?

These are just five examples. You can come up with many myriad others. Why? This leads us to the next step.

Step 2b: Write your next 10 articles based on the challenges you’ve outlined, making sure that you provide the solution to each problem in relation to your reviewed product.

              While writing the article, determine the opportunities to link back to your product review article because that will monetize traffic in your website.

              For instance, you decide to talk about hurting or spraining your wrists while pruning a Rhododendron plant (the challenge), you then mention that using the right pruning tool is crucial (the solution to the problem or challenge).

              After providing the solution, you then mention about the types of pruning tools to buy, including ratchet pruners which is the best tool to handle this type of job without hurting your wrists.

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              Then, provide the link to drive your reader to your review article and monetize traffic in your website!


              Continue writing those problem-solution articles with the back links so that instead of having only three visits per week in your review page, for example, you will be able to multiply it many times through the visits that you get from the ten other supporting content.

Step 2c: Do not forget to optimize your keyword in these articles.

              When you use your keyword, apply the techniques I’ve previously shared with you on keyword optimization so that you’ll be able to draw in more and more traffic.

              More traffic means higher probability of sales conversions and in the end it will monetize traffic in your website.

Step 3: Funnel your traffic to your main money page.

Your main money page should contain the most sought-after information by customers. Remember that this is where you’ll convert them so at this point you shall have answered all their questions.

If not, you may lose them to other sites who can provide the answers they seek. Then, all your funneling efforts have been in vain and finally monetize traffic in your website.

So, to prevent that, you can include, in your money page, a five-star ranking with established metrics of the top three products in the market, which, of course, must include the one you’ve reviewed.

Think attractive yet straightforward visual aid!

You may also have a money page with a chart that compares the advantages and disadvantages of your product vis-à-vis other similar brands, or target your visitor’s emotional trigger by featuring a compelling photograph that your audience can relate in relation to your product.

Other affiliate marketers focus on the product itself, instead of talking about other products.

Then, after having presented all the compelling features, they would urge visitors to check the product on their product review article which is their main money page.

This may also be a more efficient way to do it, so you do not need to write so many articles to monetize traffic in your website.

There are many other creative ways to funnel your visitor traffic to your money page and it will all depend on what your market segment behavior.

The point here is to direct all traffic from your review and related articles to your money page, where they are provided with ample yet valuable information that’ll help them make a purchase decision.

That’s it. Best of luck!

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