Is it a wealthy affiliate or ClickBank University? This is common question of every affiliate marketer who wants to grow own business.

For decades now, Clickbank has been the top online resource of affiliate marketers for information support. Clickbank’s programs are designed to encourage users to market products, which they themselves host.

After many years of operation, the company’s fame plateaued, and it, then, started offering its own training program which they refer to as Clickbank University. Although I disagree on some of its aspects, the program proves useful to affiliate marketers.

As far as affiliate programs are concerned, I do have a personal favorite and that is the Wealthy Affiliate. How does it differentiate from Clickbank University? This will be answered in my article.

Wealthy Affiliate or ClickBank University ?

If you’re considering joining any of these two, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be doing a review of both programs based on similar product features, so that by the end of this article, you shall be able to make your decision.



Comparing Cost

Initially, both Clickbank University and Wealthy Affiliate will charge you the same monthly rate at USD 50. However, there’s a catch there. Wealthy Affiliate offers free participation and no credit card is needed in order for you to join.

On your first month, you’ll be offered a discounted rate of USD 19 a month, and afterward, the monthly rate of USD 49.

Clickbank University, in contrast, does not offer a free participation package although once you join in, you will be offered a money-back guarantee and more product offers at additional costs.

This may irritate you especially after having to pay for other affiliate marketing requirements such as hosting, which you can actually have at a meager USD 10 monthly.

wealthy affiliate or ClickBank University

If your website already draws traffic and generates income, you’ll probably be better off with a superior hosting that can range from USD 50 – USD 250 PER month, which can manage more than one website.

On the other hand, for its USD 50 monthly rate, the Wealthy Affiliate already provides access to WordPress which is optimized and hosting.

Just like Clickbank University, the Wealthy Affiliate will also offer you additional products such as their keyword research tool, Jaaxy, which costs USD 19 per month. You can, however, choose not to avail of this and use, instead, their free version which is already made accessible with the introductory membership package.

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So, to summarize, if you’re looking to purchase all these offers by the two programs, you will get to spend a total of USD 738 for the initial participation and a minimum recurring rate of USD 57 to a maximum rate of USD 97, depending on the type of hosting you choose.

Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, offers you no initial participation cost and then a recurring rate of USD 68 a month, including hosting.

Comparing Training

In terms of Quality

I initially reviewed Clickbank University and gave them a passing score but while evaluating it again this year, I noticed that they did not provide enough benefits for your money’s worth. Having realized that now, I may need to amend my previous article then.

Now that I have some point of comparison this time, I can say that Clickbank University’s affiliate training program is really rubbish. They do not even have any introductory tutorial, basic training, or website demo as consolation to the money you’ve spent on them.

The most support that you can get from them is a minimal discussion of how the affiliate business is about. You’re not even given a step-by-step guide on the process, which is important especially for those who do not know anything yet about the affiliate marketing operation.

In one of Clickbank University’s downloadable pages, you’ll find nothing following its introductory paragraph and that was already on the eighth week into the program. By then, one should expect a meatier introduction to the session, which was about scaling and expanding.

The Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, has more than 1000 training courses, 50 of which are the central modules. They also offer customized training just for its members, covering all relevant topics in the affiliate marketing operation. You can access multiple online seminars that the company has conducted in the past.

Their training programs make use of various forms of instruction, including video, textual material, and image. Their core trainings are conducted in high-definition video format supported by text.

In terms of Focus

The Wealthy Affiliate program’s core objective is to help you establish the affiliate website that’s centered on your chosen niche. It’s principle rests on the fact that you can earn money from whatever niche you wish to focus on, even the most bizarre ones.

I, myself, have established profitable websites that focused on unusual niches such as edible gold, and I’ve also witnessed successes from a lot of varied subjects, ranging from SPED for young people, religious family life, marijuana grinders, online films, rhythm composition software, and so on. There are a lot of topics out there that are making money.

As for Clickbank University, I’m not really sure what their specific objectives are. They did profess that they aim for online profit, which I suppose is what their core focus is.

When you participate in their program, you are provided two choices. One is to become a merchant of your own product creation and enlist in Clickbank’s ecommerce site. Another option is to become an affiliate and market products in their online site.

I discovered that the affiliate program, however, lack ample information and training support such that there are no concrete examples or graduated instruction leading toward the ultimate goal.

Compared to its affiliate training, however, Clickbank University’s product creation module, has a much more comprehensive and powerful content. Since I decided to focus on affiliate marketing, I was unable to finish the product creation training though.

So, if you decide on creating your own product and enlist on the company’s ecommerce site, you would be able to get enough support with Clickbank University’s corresponding training module.

In terms of Support

I’m sorry but Clickbank University really disappointed me not only in terms of training and cost-benefit ratio but also, in matters of support.

I found that its support service is being handled by a contractor who did not have an inkling about its complementary role to the training program. I’ve observed that a lot of the comments and queries on its online thread were unacknowledged or unanswered.

When I tried to get support’s help, I got a message that said, ‘You don’t have permission to access that page.’

wealthy affiliate or ClickBank University

Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, provides support to its users through the following channels:

  1. Technical website support or Site Support
  2. Live Chat which swiftly replies to queries from its participants
  3. Classrooms which are sources of information such as those in a forum
  4. One-on-One support or personal coaching by mentors including myself, done through private messaging

Don’t take my word for it though. Feel free to find it out for yourself. You will discover that replies to your queries arrive within a couple of minutes. Not only is your query answered by one person or mentor but oftentimes many others including members.

As part of being a member of the Wealthy Affiliate family, you’ll also be able to ask a question or start a conversation with other members. Plus, you get to view their Q&As as well.

This way, you don’t just get supported by a contracted person but by like-minded individuals who have succeeded in their niches already and have lots of advices to give you or by other members who, like you, are just starting out and have their own lessons to impart during their journey. They say, ‘a burden shared is a burden halved.’

Once you find yourself in, you’ll be enveloped in a culture of positivity and optimism. Your co-members are eager to learn and help one another. So, if you feel stuck and need someone for advice or just a lift, you can always contact Site Support for your technical concerns, live chat others, or shoot a private message to any of the mentors.

They’re all ready to assist you on this journey.

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So, have you decided yet? Will it be Clickbank University of Wealthy Affiliate?

At this time, I would only recommend Clickbank University to you if you are interested in product creation and listing it on an online marketplace.

If you are inclined toward establishing and succeeding in the affiliate marketing business, Clickbank University should not even be part of your choices.

For your monthly investment of USD 50, I don’t think you get ample benefits and support to help you reach your goal.

I am inclined to believe that because of this lack, Clickbank University would probably end up plateauing again until another similar version comes along.

As for Wealthy Affiliate, it is highly recommended to one who aims to establish and grow a viable online site, particularly along the affiliate marketing track.

If you are passionate about a hobby or activity and desire to earn income from it, you can try Wealthy Affiliate. With the wealth of resource made available to you and the comprehensive training that they offer in affiliate marketing, I believe you’ll be able to achieve your goals.

As soon as you’re able, you can even leave your full-time job and focus instead on your affiliate business which, with hard word and perseverance, can provide you with steady and sustainable income.

The Wealthy Affiliate’s training program is no fraud and the support that you get from its huge member community is unparalleled. Who knows? You could be like one of those successful members in the Wealthy Affiliate community whose story inspires others to follow their dream.

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