Set up your WordPress Website on Bluehost if you are newbie, because it is easier than ever now. For this post i will use materials from my early days, what means that some images might be different now, but process remain the same.

For those uninitiated in the world of online marketing, starting a blog to earn extra income may be a daunting idea.

Fear of the unknown is quite natural for newbies, but here’s the thing, it’s no longer as complicated as it used to be to set up your WordPress Website on Bluehost.

Sure, you may need to learn some basics such as a practical SEO knowledge to operate a blog, but, nowadays, as long as you’re armed with an internet-enabled device, reliable internet connection, and a workable computing knowledge, you can access hundreds of resources to support you with this process of set up your WordPress Website on Bluehost.

Just like with any new venture, the initial stages of operation may seem the most challenging, but after you get the hang of it, you’ll feel more confident you’ll even surprise yourself.

Besides, running a blog site opens up a lot of opportunities to generate considerable income at your own time, pace, and effort, but before that you have to learn how to set up your WordPress Website on Bluehost.

During my early stages, I invested a lot of time and effort to get my blog off the ground. Now, it’s a real income stream that keeps flowing even when I do not get to work as much or not work at all.

Also, since blogging allows me to work at the comforts of my home, I am able to better manage my time between family, relaxation, and building new and exciting websites because set up your WordPress Website on Bluehost is very easy to start blog.

To learn how I was able to generate thousands of dollars a month by following this basic formula, click here to check one of my previous articles.

There’s a training in the referred article above that’ll prove useful as you initiate your WordPress blog, which I shall discuss soon.

Why to Set up your WordPress Website on Bluehost?

First of all, Bluehost is a web hosting provider that offers new bloggers utmost convenience with its simplified set-up process.

It has a single-click WordPress installation and its servers are configured for maximized use by WordPress websites.

With Bluehost, you also do not need to spend a lot just to get web hosting services, which is a huge plus when you’re just starting out.

There was a time when you need to have foreknowledge of programming and encoding to be able to put up your own blog site, but today to set up your WordPress Website on Bluehost is very easy.

Now, you no longer need to dig deep into your pocket just to hire web designers and developers to create a nice website for you.

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That time is past.

With the right tools to get you set up, and ample support, you’ll be able to have a website up in minutes! Afterward, you’ll think why there was so much ado about it in the first place.

So, as soon as you get yourself past this quick set-up process, you can therefore blog away and focus on the more important thing which is to convert your content into sales.

But before anything, let’s get you started first on your WordPress blog.

In this post, I’ll talk about the step-by-step process of set up your WordPress Website on Bluehost. This will cover how to choose your domain name and hosting.

It’s quite simple, and you’ll only need to accomplish a few steps, which takes a few minutes.

Before long, you’re going to be on your merry way to being a certified blogger.

So, let’s get the ball rolling.

How do blogs work?

Blog sites mushroom all over the internet at a very surprising rate, and this is because search engines rank them all the time as references for our search.

Search engines like Google are, in fact, configured to do just that and they perform this task daily.

So, since it is a constant day-to-day thing for search engines to crawl blogs, your goal as a blogger will, then, be to get ranked well by these search engines.

As early as now, you should understand that good search engine ranking equals good visitor traffic to your blog site.

So, to ensure that you get ranked by search engines, you’ll need to upload compelling and effective content constantly.

Keeping your site constantly updated and fresh is one way of sending a message to the search engines that you are an active site, one that is not operated by a bot, and that you have something of value to offer. So first step should be for sure to learn how to set up your WordPress Website on Bluehost.

Why set up a WordPress blog?

It’s easy and cheap to set-up and maintain a WordPress blog with the right hosting provider, while the potential for generating substantial income is huge.

While there are a number of options available out there, WordPress remains as the most popular and widely used content management system (CMS) for blogs and affiliate marketing sites.

This is because it’s versatile, user-friendly, quick and easy to install, with lots of free formats to choose from.

WordPress has become so successful that it has become a top choice by large brands such as Reuters, TechCrunch, PlayStation, TED, and LinkedIn, yet WordPress also cater to start-ups like you by enable you to use its system for free! Because everyone prefer to set up your WordPress Website on Bluehost because is easy.

So, with WordPress, there’s no need to fret about learning HTML, Javascript, and all those intimidating acronyms to set up your blog.

You only need to install WordPress and know the basics about domain and hosting.

With just a few clicks in WordPress, you can vary the visual appeal and image of your website through a variety of theme options to choose from. There are thousands of these available for your free use.

You can also opt to install additional plugins that enable useful features to support you on your journey toward becoming an expert blogger.

Some of these features include access to statistical data and traffic analytics that’ll later on be helpful when you work on driving up traffic to your website.

How can I set up your WordPress Website on Bluehost?

  • Choose your hosting service package.

Since you’re still starting out and would need an affordable plan for hosting, I suggest that you consider the basic Bluehost package which can get you started at a monthly rate of only USD 3.95. With this, you get to have 50 GB of website space and five email accounts.

Other similar standard hosting services go at a rate of USD 7.99 a month, which means that, with Bluehost, you get to enjoy the same basic services but almost half the price. This is a pretty good deal, I must say. A basic plan should work for you at this point to set up your WordPress Website on Bluehost.

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  • Select a domain name.

Before we get to choose our domain name, let’s first know what a domain name. I’m sure as a newbie, you’ll want to be familiar with such terms first.

To put it simply, a domain name is your website name. It is sometimes confused with the web address which ends with usually a .com, .net, or .org.

I discover that some people dedicate so much time just figuring out their domain name.

I do get that it is instrumental in brand building and recall, but do keep in mind that there is no such thing as the perfect domain name.

That said, there are some standard rules to choosing your domain name.

First of all, keep it short. This is so that internet users do not have a hard time in remembering, typing, or spelling it when they search, email, or refer to your site.

It’s also important to know that a long or weirdly spelled name may be difficult to key in when using your mobile phones, which is what most people use when they go online.

Once you’ve figured the right domain name for your blog, the next step is to have it registered. Before you set up your WordPress Website on Bluehost you have to pick domain name.

If you’re still stuck with what domain name to use but have a few keywords to play around with, click on this to help you arrive at keyword combinations for your domain name. It will also check if the name combinations are available for your use:

Register your domain name with Bluehost and choose your hosting plan.

Bluehost account creation is a quick and no-fuss process.

Just provide the requested account information as soon as your domain name is approved for your use. Then, select your preferred hosting plan.

At this early stage, you may opt for the very basic package which enables you to register you domain for free, while the corresponding hosting service is pegged at a monthly rate of USD 3.95.

However, if you have plans to create more than one blogs, you may opt for the next level, which is their Plus Plan. With a monthly rate of USD 4.95, you already are enabled to host unlimited sites.

In my opinion, if you wish to start small without sacrificing the basic functional features, these two plans are my recommended ones. If you’re uncertain if you’re going to create more than one sites, then I suggest to just go Basic for a year. You can always upgrade after that if there is a need but to set up your WordPress Website on Bluehost simply start with simple package.

With Basic, it is okay to not have the SiteBackup, SiteLock, and Search Engine Jumpstart features. Only ensure that your Domain Privacy Protection is enabled because this secures your contact details.

Tick off your preferred payment.

       During your domain registration process, you’ll find a portion that’s titled, ‘Payment Information.’

       Enter the requested details after ticking off your preferred payment option, and then, click ‘submit’ to register and you are almost done with set up your WordPress Website on Bluehost.

Once you’ve succeeded, you’ll see a ‘Congratulatory’ message from Bluehost, acknowledging your successful purchase and informing you of their sent email confirmation for your purchase.

       As for the special offers they’re peddling, don’t concern yourself with it, and just click, ‘No Thanks’ at the bottom of this page to opt out.

Final Steps

       As soon as you’re notified onscreen about your successful purchase, you can already proceed to creating your Bluehost account password by clicking on the ‘Create Your Password’ button on the control panel.

       Every time you sign in on your Bluehost account, you can then key in your registered domain name and new password.

Situate your WordPress Install icon afterward to get you prepared for the set-up of your website. Then, click on the ‘Get Started,’ which is the green button.

Please see the following screenshot for easier reference to understand final steps of set up your WordPress Website on Bluehost.

Lastly, select your registered domain name with Bluehost which will appear as one of the options when you click on the ‘Select Domain’ box for installation in WordPress.

Then, enter your site’s name which is your domain name without the suffix (.com). If, for instance, your domain name is, your blog’s name to key in this box is simply, Frances Fashion Blog.

Afterward, you can then opt for a username and password to log into your WordPress account. Bear in mind that these should be different from your username and password for Bluehost.

After this, just click on the ‘Install’ button, which appears as a green box at the bottom of the page. That’s it! You’re all set.

So guys i hope this helps you to understand how to set up your WordPress Website on and start blogging. And I almost forgot, BlueHost hosting service you can find clicking here.

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