How to make blog post as an affiliate marketer and score with success?

Amid the swirl of content in the worldwide web, it is easier to get lost than found, no matter how wonderfully written your articles are in your affiliate site.

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To command attention, your content therefore needs to have more than just a compelling message to your readers. Of course, the brand message remains a priority, but to further boost your chances of getting ranked by search engines, content must also possess visual appeal to your readers.

In this business, first impressions can make or break an opportunity.

Factors such as content variety, audience engagement, thought organization, and use of stimulating visuals all work together to power up your blog so that it not only sparks interest but also drives it until a sale is concluded.

Effective content does not only mean having a story to tell. Sometimes, a story, no matter how simple, can lead to a supercharged experience for its audience by how it is communicated.

This is what this article is all about: how you can transform your content into something that captivates and directs interest to where you wish it to convert: your money pages.

In affiliate marketing operation, success is best exemplified through this simple equation: traffic equals sales potential.


This means that there is a direct relation between traffic and probability of sales conversions such that the more traffic your website has, the higher its chances of clicks and sales conversions.

When it comes to content creation, beginners tend to prioritize volume over quality. That may be fine in the initial stages of operation since you need to convince your search engine of your site’s relevancy.

As you slowly build traffic, you can always opt to go back to your past articles and edit them. You can even come up with a better and updated version when you get the chance.

However, once you get past the content scramble, you’ll need level up your article production to provide more value to your growing audience by anticipating their needs.


Also, at this point, content is no longer a matter of expressing your opinion, but visual and functional aesthetic should also be given ample attention in order for you to increase foot traffic in your pages.

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So, in this article, I’ll be disclosing my tried and tested methods how to make blog post as an affiliate marketer. You’ll discover that the essence of these methods does not just apply to content creation but to your overall operation as well.

So, let’s begin!     

How to make blog post as an affiliate marketer

So in a next few lines i will try to explain you how to make blog post as an affiliate marketer. Lets start:

1. Keep your paragraphs short.

     I know we’ve been taught by our communication teachers about the one idea per paragraph philosophy. Here’s the thing. I hardly follow it.

     Why? More and more people are using their smartphones to access the internet. If you apply this academic rule and one idea needs a lot of explanation, you’ll end up with a wearisome paragraph that will turn off mobile phone users.

     You must know that the attention span of internet users is getting shorter and shorter. If you burden your readers with long and verbose lines, you’re bound to lose them to other sites that offer pithy and wittier content.

     My advice? Lose the unnecessary bulk and stick to a max of five sentences for each paragraph.

     This is not a thesis. It’s a sales-driven blog where you need to know how to make blog post as an affiliate marketer.

     Another tip to keep your paragraphs appear light is to use good spacing between them. This allows the eyes to rest in between paragraphs and invites the reader to continue on.

     Also, shorter paragraphs are more visually appealing because it projects the impression of the article being a short read and thus does not pose a psychological burden on your reader.

     As a matter of preference, I use three sentences the most for each of my paragraphs. You might think this too short. However, if you view my articles online, you’ll discover that my paragraphs do appear longer than you’d think.

     When you view my blog posts on smartphones, one sentence can be viewed as two lines already. As much as possible, I strive to keep it only up to three lines. Anything more than that will seem overwhelming already because that’s the proper way how to make blog post as an affiliate marketer.

     Four-line paragraphs tend to make readers jump from one paragraph to another without really taking in your messages fully. When this happens, your chances of conversion decreases because your readers are not totally focused on what you’re saying.

     How are you supposed to retain them in your site, or even convince them to purchase if, from the start, you’ve lost their attention already?

     Shorten is the magic act in this process of how to make blog post as an affiliate marketer.

     Here’s a bonus tip. Compose your articles using a word processing application instead of doing it in the WordPress editorial template.

     If you get unlucky and the internet goes asunder or worse, your content management system crashes, you’ll be bummed!

2.  Manage your thought flow through headings.

     In composing your blog content, capitalize on the use of headings, titles, and subheadings to manage your communication flow.

     There is nothing so off-putting as a blog that jumps from one idea to another quite erratically. This gives the impression that the author is undisciplined and not quite knowledgeable about the topic.

     Of course, this is purely psychological. I know of some very smart minds that can put some geniuses to shame but are unable to express themselves in coherent sentences.

     That said, this is of course an exception rather than the rule.

     More often than not, a disorganized blog reflects a disorganized mind. So, if you want to keep your readers longer on your pages, stick to the basic rule of communication. Organize your thoughts before speaking.

     Do not waste their time with repetitive thoughts. This causes them to tire easily and move on to another site that’ll provide them the information they seek.

     While writing my articles, I normally use my h3 for the headings while I put my subheadings in h4. Your subject matter’s depth and theme code will dictate the need to utilize your h2 and h3 or not.

     This organization method also contributes to spatial appeal. By breaking up your thoughts into subcategories, you allow your readers to adjust in between ideas.

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     Also, as a matter of service to your reader, this categorization will enable him or her to find that part in your article where they are most interested in. It saves them valuable time and at the same time keeps them engaged longer.

     Often, I add a table of contents at the beginning of my article for the same purpose. The titles on this table are, themselves, clickable links that can direct my readers to their preferred sections without having to read the paragraphs preceding it.

     Honestly, no one really wants to finish a 3000-word content before they find what they need, so you should be aware of this when you think how to make blog post as an affiliate marketer.

     Even if they just skim through, doing so on a 5000-word article is still time-consuming and if I were in the reader’s shoes, it’ll be faster for me to browse through other sites to find the right one that’ll give me what I want immediately.

     Also, by adding a content table, people will tend to stay longer because they are able to navigate easily through your pages. The easier their experience, the higher the likelihood of a revisit.

3.  Use images as supportive content.

     Variety of stimuli makes for an interesting read.

     Once you’ve got your content organized and tightened, you may want to include a relevant image.

     In my posts, I prefer to locate an interesting image in the beginning with a caption underneath. Doing so helps my readers comprehend what the subject is about in a more stimulating manner than just text.

     Sometimes, images are powerful tools to entice your visitors to read on. It can also function as a supportive content to your title because it provides a general idea of your article. If not, at least gets them hooked.

  • How to spot the right image to use

Most newbies do not have an idea where and how to secure good quality images for their blogs.

I’m a frequent user of Flikr images as well as the Creative Commons. But if you use WordPress many themes offer some stock when you write post, so how to make blog post as an affiliate marketer is even more easier like that.

Instead of devoting so much time to search for the ideal image for my post, I’d opt to use an image that not necessarily relate to the topic of my post but more of the general message that I’m communicating.

If I’m writing for induction cookers being an energy-efficient kitchen option for apartment users, for instance, I do not spend a lot of time looking for the exact image that relate to my niche. Besides having a product picture appears too unexciting for a beginning visual.

What I’d probably use is an image of someone in a modern apartment who’s relaxing and enjoying his or her respite from work. This communicates a feeling of efficiency which is my overarching theme of promoting the induction cooktops.

  • Use a suitable picture for the size of your blog post.

Another tip in image utilization is to avoid posting a huge photograph. Ensure that you do not use images whose resolution are more than a thousand pixels or sizes are too large for the width of your post.

High-res pictures will weigh heavily on your website and may slow down your speed. Also, it might take too long for your readers to view it which is a bit irritating. So, to avoid these, watch your sizing and resolution vis-à-vis the size of your post.

I prefer using the landscape layout that’s smaller than the width of my post. This way, it can still be viewed manageably on the laptop or ipad, as well as, in mobile phones. Take care not to occupy the entire width of your post because it will be difficult to view on phones.

There are image editing tools that you can use to carry this out. You can crop, resize, adjust the color, and so on. In WordPress, you’ll find these tools on the upper left side.

Don’t forget to click ‘save’ after you’re done with editing. Otherwise, you’ll have to redo it again.

On the upper right portion of the screen, there is also a function that allows you to scale the picture to your preferred size without tampering on its original proportion.

  • Do a preview of your image as it appears on your article.

After you’re finished with all the editing and uploaded your photograph, you can now head back to your original post and position your picture wherever you prefer.

For my main image, I locate it just after my title.

Here’s another tip in how to position your image. Never right align nor left align your picture. Although this might suit your preferred format, this does not appear neat when you view your post using the preview feature.

The best is still to align it in the center crosswise.

For me, one fascinating photograph should be sufficient to command interest or attention. You can of course use more than one if you wish.

Unless you’re a whiz in image editing, using more than one images takes time which you can devote to more important tasks such as strategic research or improving your content.

  • Give credit when it’s due.

            If you use Flikr as your image source, like I do, the right thing to do is to give credit to the photographer. Just head to the end of your post and type, ‘photo credit.’ After which, type in the name of the artist.

            Then, highlight the photographer’s name and assign a hyperlink that directs those that click on it to the artist’s profile page in Flikr. To confirm your right to use the image, you may also run a copy to its license page.

            There are other sites that you can tap as well, which do not necessarily require this type of attribution. An example of these is Pixabay.

4.  How to make blog post as an affiliate marketer using video.

     Like photographs or other visual aids, videos provide more stimuli to your readers and are thus more engaging.

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     To embed your video, you can simply copy and paste its URL on the portion of your post that you wish the video to be shown.

     Having this type of content can improve ranking and traffic.

     Original and personally made videos are always ideal but only if these are professionally done. If you’re not skilled in video production, there is no need to devote so much time learning it unless you can afford to do so.

     Otherwise, you can always leverage content from YouTube, which is free to access without needing to ask permission from its owner.

     It may sometimes be a good thing, though, to let the owner know because he or she sometimes help in sharing your content with others, while simultaneously promoting their own.

     This is one way of improving your rank, increasing relevancy and authority in your niche, while most importantly, boosting visitor traffic and sales conversions.

5.  Consider internal and external links to boost traffic flow and SEO.

     Links provide your readers the ability to move around your site according to their preference and pace. When you are able to serve them this way, you project authority which is important for brand building and recall.

     Linking also helps you become more efficient and effective in communicating your message and providing value to your audience.

     One thing I realized in all the years I’ve been in this affiliate business is that to build your brand equity, you’ve got to provide authentic service and value, not just focus on the moneymaking aspect of operation.

     Sure, income is important and in fact should be our main goal, but it cannot be the only goal because your affiliate website is made for human beings and not machines.

     Having said that, the presence of internal and external links in your pages also improves search optimization which makes your website more searchable and thus reachable by your audience.

6.  Engage your audience with “Call to Action” (CTA) lines.

     The more audience engagement, the higher your relevancy and ranking.

     Hearing from your market also gives you valuable insights to what their real concerns are or what interests them. Feedback is always a good thing, even negative ones because it means that your content has made impact.

     One way to encourage engagement is to include a CTA at the conclusion of your post or a comments page where your readers can provide feedback.

     Let your visitors know that you are interested in hearing what they have to say or how they feel about your post. I usually encourage them to share their own experiences or provide additional helpful information for me and other readers to learn.

     My point is those who care to participate in this engagement are those who are interested in our subject matter and this show of interest can translate into sales conversions.

7.  Wrap-up about how to make blog post as an affiliate marketer

     The techniques I’ve just shared with you today are just fundamentals. In time, you’ll pick up new and innovative ways to power up your articles. Since not all blogs are the same, you’re bound to have your own unique style and template to suit your audience. Do share with us any other proven technique you’ve used. I’m sure we all like to learn how to convert more. The more support, the more fun for us!         

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