How to download YouTube videos is not something to make trouble to users. But why to download YouTube videos and can you download them, is another thing.

Guide for How to Download YouTube Videos

When considering online video platforms, the name of YouTube comes at the top. It is the largest video platform than DailyMotion and other similar ones!

Almost everyone watches at least one YouTube video in 24 hours. According to an estimate, YouTube manages over 30 Million users daily. These 30 million users are more likely to watch no less than 5 Billion videos in 24 hours.

Watching YouTube videos is an easy task; even a little kid can play a YouTube video. But do you know how to download YouTube Videos? Or do you know how to save the YouTube videos so you can watch them when you’re free? Most probably, the answer would be No!

Today, I'll show you how to save, download, and convert YouTube videos into other formats like 3GP, MP4, or even into audio (MP3) format. Let’s explore the methods that will help everyone to download YouTube videos in 2021.

Is It Allowed to Download YouTube Videos?

YouTube is a well-spread video and online streaming platform across the world. It allows you to create your YouTube Channel, upload interesting videos, and it lets others watch them. Once they find your content engaging and viewers love it, they pay you for your content.

Considering it, a question may come to your mind: Is it allowed to download YouTube videos of others? Well, the answer is a “Yes.” But you have to understand the terms and privacy policy of this platform before downloading the YouTube videos of other content creators.

How to Download YouTube Videos Legally?

You are watching a video, and it jumped out at you. You are thinking that you need to download it to watch it without consuming your internet package. To download videos legally, you have to:

  • Take permission from the owner of the video.
  • You can’t sell that video to others.
  • Go through the terms and policies of the copyright.

If you try to violate any of these terms, YouTube will consider it as a crime. You don't have any rights to copy, sell, or exploit the content without taking permission from the video creator.

Using third party applications:

Watching YouTube videos through authorized Google applications is the only way to watch YouTube videos. However, if you intend to download the video for personal use, you can use such third-party applications. But remember not to disobey the terms and policies that I discussed above.

Ways to Download YouTube Videos

Let’s jump on to the topic for which you all are here. Here are a few methods that show you how to download YouTube videos for free!

Video Downloading Tool: How to Download YouTube videos with Tools?

Keeping in view the rising need for downloading YouTube videos; several third-party applications came into the market to help you out! These are the tools that allow you to convert a YouTube video into downloadable formats.

Let’s check out the best one!

4K Download App:

I personally use this application, and I'll recommend it to everyone who wants to download YouTube videos through a trusted application. It is compatible with every Operating System and allows saving, batch downloading, extract subtitles (in more than 50 languages), and downloading YouTube videos. You can select the quality from 720p, all the way to 4k resolution.

You can try out other options in the market. But here are the things you should be looking for before downloading a video tool.

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Things to consider before getting a Video Downloading Tool:

Look for the following features that will let you download YouTube videos in the best way:

youtube video download

Video Quality:

Look for an application that lets you download YouTube videos at a minimum quality of 320p. You can look for more but don't install an application that serves you with a quality download. Moreover, you should look for applications that convert videos in more than one format.

Video Converting Speed:

Regardless of your internet speed, you should use an application that can convert and download the video at a faster speed.

Download Videos in Batches:

How to download YouTube videos in batches? Well, a few YouTube video converting applications serve you with this feature. And it is really a helpful feature for most of us.

Applications with a Video Editor:

You might not want to watch the complete video after converting and downloading it. A built-in video editor can help you trim or edit some part of the video. It is a cool feature!

How to Download YouTube Videos by Copying the URL?

Using an online video tool to download YouTube videos is another easy way. You open the online YouTube video downloading website, copy the original video address, and paste it into the online app address. Here is a picture of


Click on the “Start” button, and you are done!

However, you have to check out the quality in which it will download the video after converting.

You can follow the same process with a downloadable YouTube video converter. Open the app, copy the URL of the video and paste it in the search box of the application. Click on “Start”, or “Go” (depends on the tool) to start the process.

Quality of downloading YouTube Videos

Most of you might only know Mp3, Mp4, and 3GP. But there are a lot more formats that you can convert the YouTube Videos. These formats include FLV, 3G2, MLV, WEBM, and many more!

Can You Download YouTube Videos Directly?

Here is how to download YouTube videos directly and without using third-party applications:


Open YouTube and search for the video that you want to convert or download.

Add ‘ss’ to the address:

In the URL section, enter ‘ss.' Press the enter key, and it will take you to a free YouTube Video Download Website.

Video downloading site:

What next? When you are redirected to the YouTube video downloading website, you'll see that “Your Video is ready.” Click the download button to download it on your device.

How to Download YouTube Videos by using Browser Add-Ons?

Some of you really do not want to get tinker with the URL of the YouTube video. And many of you might not want to use any third-party tool to download YouTube videos and are still in a search of a more easy solution in how to download YouTube videos.

Regarding this case, getting help from browser Add-Ons is the best solution.

Select An Add-on:

Add-on is practically available for everything you need. The best news is that there is a variety of solutions available to download YouTube videos. Some of the options are suited for chrome and fire-fox only, and some are standalone tools.

Here I will show you an example of a similar Add-on ‘YouTube Video and Audio Downloader’ for Opera.

How to Download the Add-on:

The process of download is simple for the opera browser and almost the same for other browsers also. It is simple because you need to click on the ‘Add to Opera' option. However, you need to download the correct add-on according to your browser. Otherwise, it will not work.

Once the process of downloading the add-on finishes, you need to restart your computer if the installation does not continue.

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Move to YouTube:

So, let's move to the main problem now. It is how to download the YouTube video by using an add-on. For this, you need to move on to that particular YouTube video you want to download. When you are there, you will observe an icon on the right-hand side from where you will install this add-on

What happens when you install an add-on?

After installing an Add-on, you get some options;

  • Quick download
  • Download panel
  • Conversion tool
  • Settings

Next, you will have to click on Quick download, and the particular video will download on your PC.

Main Point

Without using an add-on, you can never get a download option. It doesn't matter what kind of browser you use.

Select Your File Format:

After solving the consequence of how to download a YouTube video, Lets now discuss how to save a YouTube video. Add-ons provide us a wide range of options to save the video. From multiple formats to a good range of video qualities, a pop-up also appears while downloading a video to know our preferences.

How To Download YouTube Videos Using a VLC Player?

Some Computers do not have a VLC player of their own. If you do not have, then you can download it. It is secure and the easiest way to download YouTube videos.

1. Move to YouTube Video:

Head to the YouTube video you want to download and copy the URL.

2. Start VLC Media Player:

You need to open and keep the VLC media player on your taskbar for your benefit.

3.  Network Stream:

After you open the VLC media player, you need to click on the ‘Media' option.

Next, you will have to select the ‘Open Network Stream' option.

If you are not using Window OS, For example, in MAC, the flow is FILE>OPENNETWORK.

4. Open Media:

After this, you will see an editor page on which you need to paste the URL of the video you need to download. Now click on the ‘Play’ option. Then the video will start playing.

5. Codec Information Option:

Now you need to click on the “Tools” option on the right-hand corner from where you will find an option of “Codec Information.” When you click on it, a new window appears in front of you. You can also press “Ctrl + j” to reach codec information.

6. Location Text Box:

You will need to copy the information from the ‘Location Text Box' at the bottom of the page. It is a simple step for windows OS. However, if you are a mac user, you will have to “right-click and open URL.”

7. URL Copy/paste:

In a simple windows system, you need to copy the URL then paste it on the web browser. However, this step is not for Mac users.

8. Save the Video:

Now the video should be playing on your browser. You need to right-click on it and then select the ‘Save Video' option.

9. Downloading:

The video will start downloading in this way, and the default format will be mp4. After downloading, you can save it where ever you want.

That's how to download a YouTube video by a VLC media player. It's a simple process once done by you.


How to Download YouTube Videos with a Virtual Desktop?

Virtual Desktop is also one of the easiest ways to download YouTube videos to your system.

1. Move towards YouTube Video:

First of all, you need to move to the particular video that you want to download. Just click on it the video will start playing.

2. Add “vd” To The URL:

This process is also similar when you add ‘ss' to the video URL. The only change is that you need to edit the Video address. Just add the word ‘vd' before YouTube and after www.

After this, simply press ‘Enter' you will move to a website, “Django,” From where you can download any of the YouTube videos.

3. Select the Video Format and Quality:

On the website, scroll down, and select the quality and format of your video.

4.  How to Download the YouTube Video:

After clicking on the download option, the particular video will get installed in your system.

Final Verdict

There you have it! A detailed guide on how to download YouTube videos! I have given you more than one step that you can use to convert and download YouTube Videos.

In the end, I'll again recommend trying the 4K Download app as it provides the best value to

I also convert and download YouTube videos myself. And I prefer the 4K Download Application. You should try this one out and let me know your feedback. Also, let me know which step you felt easy for you. And which method would you use yourself?

download YouTube Videos. I’ll see you in the next post. Till then, Be Sound!

Also, if you are a YouTube creator, think to install TubeBuddy to help you grow your channel from zero!

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