How to create content is essential step in affiliate marketing.

Content is the fuel of an affiliate website. You simply cannot operate without it.

The more valuable content you put in, the more effective your website in boosting visitor traffic, and we learned that traffic increases profitability. The more visitors, the higher the chances of clicks and sales conversions.

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Just like with any sales pursuit, the more you are in contact with your customers through the sustained upload of top-notch quality content, the higher the probability of you making a sale.

As a niche marketer, you’ll then need to be a content craftsman, and this means that you must be skilled in the ‘art’ or ‘trade’ of creating content, and not just any content, but one that is keyword optimized, sustained, and consistent in quality.

If you’re not yet one, as most of us are in the beginning, don’t worry. I’m here to show you how to master this skill through techniques which I’ve used and proven effective since I started in this affiliate industry.

First, let us establish what content is in this particular operation.


Content is what you upload into your niche website.

It may come in the form of an article, a tutorial, a photograph, an infographic, a review of a product or service, an audio file, and other document or visual reference that you post on your website, relevant to your subject matter.

In the succeeding paragraphs, I will outline the fundamental guidelines in crafting your content as well as my recommendations to bolster visitor traffic.

Since I will be discussing all these at the same time, I thought it best to do so in a form of a list:

How to create content using Keywords

If you’re not very knowledgeable about your niche, you must determine what words internet surfers key in when looking for something in relation to your topic.

You’ll need to adopt these keywords when you produce your content. This way, when your targeted audience use these keywords in their search, your article will be listed by Google.

If you’re an expert in your chosen subject, however, you’re most likely knowledgeable about your topic’s keywords so you can skip this portion and move on to the next.

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The rest of you will have to research your keywords. How?


As a beginner in the affiliate business, I suggest you use Jaaxy. It’s simple and user-friendly, plus, you’ll discover some great features to help you spot your keywords using rank tracking.

On a more advanced level, some of you may want to try SEMRush. It has many other tracking features that will empower you to be more discerning and allow you the flexibility to manage your multiple websites.

Both Jaaxy and SEMRush, however, are viable aids that will enable you to accomplish keyword research.

How to create content with Article Framework

Regardless of what type of content you post, it should not be less than a thousand words.

What I used to do is come up with content that can be categorized into five parts or paragraphs. Each part is made up of 200 words or more.

In my first paragraph, I introduce my topic to the audience. This is the crucial part of your content where you keep your audience enrapt, so that they don’t jump off to another page, or worse, another website.

The succeeding three paragraphs comprise the body of my article, where I discuss in detail the subject matter. These three are called your supporting content.

The fifth or the last portion of your article will, then, summarize or wrap up your topic. This is often referred to as the concluding paragraph.

Since we are talking to an online audience here, it is imperative that you make it easier for them to read. Do not overwhelm them with too much information nor heavy sentences.

My suggestion is to break your paragraphs into light digestible portions. You can also include other types of content to break up the heaviness.

Once you get comfortable with writing and are able to learn more about your target audience, you’ll be able to determine which connects with them more and use these to guide you in your content-writing.

For instance, if your target market are first-time marathoners and learned that they often encounter ankle sprains during their preparation.

You can then create content such as: 1. Best DIY Cures for a Sprained Ankle, 2. Top Ten Tips for First-time Runners, 3. Common Marathon Injuries and How to Avoid Them.

Here are some of the content types that I’ve somehow mastered in my ten years of being an affiliate marketer.

  1. Q & A
  2. Niche Tutorial
  3. List of Top Five to Ten
  4. Product Review
  5. Trends to Watch

How to create content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For newbies like you, search engine optimization or SEO might sound like a big word and is reserved for those who are internet-savvy. Not so.

Because SEO is vital in content-writing, I’ll give you a few tips to apply in your content.

Search engine optimization or SEO is just enabling your content to get noticed and ranked by search engines such as Google and Bing.

Google and Bing employ artificial intelligence algorithms to rank content. As long as you write as though you are talking to human beings, not a robot, while observing the tips I’ve given you so far, you’ll do just fine.

As soon as you find out what your keyword is, the next step is to adopt it in your title and URL in the right way how to create content.

For example, if your keyword is extra virgin coconut oil, then you can title your article as ‘Benefits of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in Weight Loss.’ Your URL may, then, be coconut

Remember the five paragraphs? Another tip to use your keyword at least a few times in these paragraphs, in the caption of your photograph or other visual reference.

Make sure to use only one keyword as well. This way, you do not distill the effectiveness of your keyword.

I’ve written an article that is focused on this topic and I suggest that you read that in order to equip yourself better with SEO.

Images as content

As I previously outlined, content can come in the form of a photograph, infographic, and other visual aid. These are your images.

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Sometimes, when your article is text-heavy, images provide respite from that heaviness. Most of the time, good images tell the whole story and, depending on your targeted market, maybe even more effective in communicating your message on how to create content.

Also, these visuals include meta data that are picked up by Google and the like because there are captions and other written portions in your image.

Most of the time, when people think of SEO, they refer to written materials. What they often forget is images and videos are also ranked on the first pages of search engines. I bet most of you did not know that, did you?

When I blog, I normally include one to three images. You can also use an image as your title. Just find out what images get ranked very well by search engines in relation to your topic. Then, go ahead and use it.

Some affiliate marketers craft impressive graphics that are adopted by many users all over the Internet. This can be an alternative option for increasing your website traffic. In such case, be mindful that you are credited by these users.

Your own photos

Because of its original content, your personally taken photographs are on top of the list. What does this mean?

Search engines will rank you better for your original content. If you include photos that you took yourself, it sends a message that your website is unique and contains one-of-a-kind content.

Using your own pictures as your content also elevates the level of personal connection with your audience, which is great for your reviews and one of the best ways how to create content with your own stuff.

The good thing is, because these images are yours, you can do whatever you want with them to fit your content, without breaking any legal restrictions.

Another way to use your original photos is to compile them to create an instructional material. Just don’t forget your search engine-optimized titles and ‘alt tags’ for each of these photographs.

There’s also such a thing as Google Image Search. Remember what you click on when all you want to search are images? That’s it. If you post your own photos out there, it will come out in the image search list under your keyword or subject matter.

That said, go out there and take as many remarkable photos as you wish. Make sure to use a good camera or any smartphone with good shooting capability so you are consistent with your content quality.

Stock photos

Stock photos pose as an easy alternative if you do not have the time to shoot, if you’re lazy, or simply not confident with your own photo-taking skill or mobile phone camera.

I, myself, grab these stock photos for this affiliate website and that is okay too. As a matter of personal preference, I stay away from photos that too ‘canned’ or ‘marketing-driven.’ You know those types that get published in marketing ads.

When I conduct a review of a product that I do not own or do not have a photo of, I use stock photos. Yes, it’s best if you have a tangible product to base your review on, but if the product costs a lot, you do not need to buy it. Just grab any of the relevant stock photos and pay a few dollars for it.

If you’re interested to use stock photos, I recommend going to this site, Canstockphoto. It’s affordable and can get you the basic but good images to get you started how to create content.

Canstockphoto charges about two dollars for each image. This is very cheap compared to what other sites may charge you. At Getty Images, for instance, one picture costs a hundred dollars or more.

If you feel that your content will be better with lots of images, there are other stock photo sites to also choose from that charge you a monthly rate for a fixed number of images.

If, however, you feel that you do not necessarily need a steady stream of images to use in your website, just get the single image offer, which I often take.

How to create content using Information + Graphics Combo

A visual aid that uses graphics with text is referred to as infographics.

Infographics are among the more challenging to include as part of your content. More so if your niche is very unique. In this case, you’ll have to build or create your own infographics from the ground up.

Examples of infographics are flow or process charts, statistical pie charts, timeline visuals, and geographic distribution depictions.

So, you see, how more challenging it is to use them or find relevant infographics to illustrate your point in the article and that's a great way how to create content even better.

Besides the difficulty, it also is time-consuming to create. If you’re an expert in Adobe or any other applications that facilitate this, good for you. This’ll mean you get to save time and do it in the comforts of your home.

In spite of the challenge, some affiliate marketers do like using this combination because it is distinct, so it easily makes an impression on your readers.

Secondly, infographics helps your readers better understand and remember your point, which may mean they might revisit your website just to review, screenshot, or even share it. This way, you get more chances of new visits and better search rank.

Image-based searches also pick up these infographics and sites such Pinterest can feature infographics.

How to create content with ‘Cost-free’ Visuals

While searching the Internet for stock photos, you may also come across ‘free images.’ Be forewarned about these sites who use these terms. Most of them actually do not offer cost-free images the way we understand it. There’s always a catch so be careful in using their stock photos.

Another thing, you cannot just grab the photos that you see on Google and use them for your website content. They would normally block your use or disable it, even if you give credit for this usage.

What you need to do is to use an advanced feature to seek these photos. Even so, I do not recommend this as an alternative.

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Same goes for sites such as Pexels or Pixabay. Although they are some of the more common sites for these images, I am still wary about them.

It is, however, up to you as I know a lot of new affiliate marketers out there who are able to get away with it most of the time. Perhaps, it is because the worldwide web is just too big that it is hard to apprehend the users.

My point, though, is I do not agree with risking everything just for a photo or a few other images. There must be other ways to do it without the possibility of your affiliate website being blocked until you’ve taken out the photos.

This action is based on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 which is a law that governs copyrights and more commonly referred to by its acronym, DMCA.

Some websites are served a worse fate. They get sued and made to settle a huge amount plus, of course, pay for lawyer’s fees for defending their cases in court. These cases aren’t common though, but they do happen.

If you decide to utilize photos from Flikr or Creative Common, for example, always put their links with the right citation and license detail.

That said, with all the hassle and risks, I stick with taking my own pictures or paying the right fees for stock photos.

Make your content looks richer with Videos

Videos, like infographics, are also challenging to use.

It all depends on your target audience or chosen niche. If you think that videos connect with them more and you have the talent to make one, then, by all means, focus on producing more of this type of content.

If not, you may consider this as one of the special types that you can use to break the monotony of your usual posts or perhaps one that is quite necessary to drive home your point.

Video embedding

For those of you who want to use videos as part of your content, know that you do not necessarily have to create your own video from scratch.

What most affiliate marketers do is tap YouTube where a lot of videos are being uploaded for anyone to freely access. These affiliate websites use the free videos and add these to their content using the ‘embed’ feature.

You may ask why would video content creators allow us to use their content for free?

Well they do so because these videos allow ads to be viewed and they make money from these advertising content such that when a user views the YouTube video on your site, they get paid.

In your case, once you embed their YouTube video in your website, your traffic equals continual flow of income for them.

If, however, you prefer to make your own video content then, you must be prepared to invest, not only money, but also, time.

Unless you’re a professional video maker, just think of the disparity in quality between your video and the one in YouTube, not including the resources that you have to put in just by crafting it.

On the other hand, if you really wish to be focused on creating this type of content, I suggest that you give yourself a deadline so that you do not waste so much effort or time which could, otherwise, be dedicated to other essential tasks.

Once you decide to embed the YouTube videos to your affiliate website, this content will only act as additional support to your main article. This means that you cannot just download the YouTube content and upload them to your site as your own sole content. Another thing, you cannot generate income from these videos as well.

To embed a video, make sure to use the same keyword used in your article or choose to embed the video at the part of your article where it most relates to.

On making your own videos

If you make your own videos and upload into YouTube, you can earn income from it just like those content creators. By adding your links in your original videos, you also get to enjoy additional commissions from it.

Also just like the YouTube content creators, your video can channel visitor traffic to your site through your links. This is not the only benefit in this case because having an original content such as this further strengthens your authority in your targeted niche.

More authority and authenticity translate into greater chances of being ranked well by the search engines. So in this guide how to create content, adding video will be a must do parameter.

I am not a fan of creating original videos in YouTube because it’s a wild world out there where there are a lot of spam and trash talk involved.

I, however, uploaded some videos of mine through the years that you can reference. Some of it already have more than a thousand subscribers.

Okay, since we are on the topic of creating your own videos, let me answer a few concerns in relation to this like, do you need to show your face. I know it’s not a concern to some of you, but there are a lot who do not like doing videos precisely because of this.

Well, the thing is you do not have to show your face. You may have encountered some videos that use animation or show only their parts of the body like their hands when demonstrating something.

You may also just feature a footage and talk in the background, so it is really up to you how to get your point across in innovative ways. Check out existing videos and you’ll be able to pick up some novel ideas that you can adopt for your own content.

How to create Audio Content

Podcasts are making a comeback as one of the sources of information.

There are a lot of these content that discusses various topics from gardening, politics, psychology, and even how to make your own hydroponic garden.

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            These types of content may be difficult to control in terms of traffic-building because most of the time, its audience are not completely tuned in to the material but are multitasking.

            These are, however, good for strengthening your brand message by communicating to a broader audience. When you do get to do it, always inform the affiliate program you’re promoting that you plan to do so.

Publishing in another site as known as guest posting

This alternative way of content publication is, just like the podcast, increases your brand equity by connecting with a wider market.

What this option means is that you partner with another site, ideally one that has more authority, such that you get to publish your post in theirs and vice versa. Most of them will provide you with outsourced material so that you get to connect back to their location.

This is referred to as guest blogging where partner websites enjoy mutual benefit from the partnership.

How to create content with power of Social Media

You may be, like me, not crazy about social media because there is too much noise.

There is another way of looking at this though. It means that there are a lot of potential audience in there and the community is that dynamic.

The big four to explore are Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Each platform has its own strategy for posting so find out how you can maximize the exposure in each. For instance, since Pinterest is image-centered, get your best pictures out there and remember to use your keywords on the captions.

Depending on your audience, though, I recommend that you only pick one of the four and evaluate the results. It’s a trial and error during the initial stage but as you go along, you’ll learn what reaches your audience best and what contributes to your website traffic more.

And finally, last pieces of advice

Just basing on the list I’ve outlined to you, there are so many ways to fill your affiliate website with content.

There are others whom I know just focus on creating interesting video series that include an email link to direct them to their affiliate website. In this case, their affiliate marketing business is just secondary to their content creation activity. This works too and I am all for having a second recourse.

This way, if your website does not work, you still have something going for you to depend on. In this line of thought, you can do what I do which is produce content from my own perspective and then leverage other forms of content such as infographics as supplementary to my posts.

In the long run, the best plan uses a good mix of all those I’ve discussed. Of course, you’ve got to have a favorite content form that you feel most comfortable that your audience can also strongly connect with.

This is just like not putting all your eggs in one basket. The more varied your content, the better your chances of not crashing when your search engine upgrades or when there are market changes.

If you find it difficult to do the more challenging content, you can always stick to one like article writing just to kick start your website. This is a surer and easier way because it only requires a laptop.

You can also always go back to your past work and update, edit, or even revamp and link back. Sometimes, it’s not even your style of writing that the reader is after but the information that they can glean from your website.

So, just by writing, which is not expensive or dependent on any other equipment, you can already keep your website alive and kicking.

As long as you work hard, continue to learn every day, and apply the techniques that I’ve taught you, I’m certain that your efforts will eventually pay off.

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