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Are you determined to grow and expand your online business?

Did you click on this link hoping to find out how you can drive and leverage on the huge Pinterest traffic for your blog, affiliate website, or e-commerce store?

If you answered yes on both questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

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In this post, I will reveal to you my ultimate guide on how to draw Pinterest Traffic to your Site.

These strategies have been shaped by my past successes, one of which was drawing 223,000 visitors to my marketing post, and majority of which were Pinterest followers.

While discussing the step-by-step process that accounted for my success, I’ll likewise be throwing in new techniques that I’ve tried, tested, and proven effective for this purpose.

Suffice to say, this guide is unlike those tired and reformulated how-to guides that offer the same mindless theories or inutile recommendations that fall short on its promise to leverage on Pinterest traffic.

Based on my experiences, I can say that this may be the only guide you’ll need, as of this time, to tap and convert the huge traffic in Pinterest.

My methods here are quite practical and can immediately be applied to derive considerable results to drive Pinterest Traffic to your Site.

Basically, in this article you’ll get to learn about the following topics plus a few other tips and new techniques that I’ve adopted to achieve my Pinterest traffic goal:

  1. Setting up your Pinterest business account
  2. Creating your boards and pins
  3. Following and Unfollowing
  4. Maintaining a healthy balance between follows and followers
  5. Content production
  6. Graphics creation
  7. Pin Uploads
  8. Drawing Pinterest followers
  9. Monitoring your progress and numbers
  10. Pinterest Do’s and Don’ts

So, without further ado, let’s get cracking!

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Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is considered one of the largest social networking sites in the whole world.

By largest, I mean that it is the most widely patronized social media platforms at present, and one that commands the heaviest visitor traffic

Pinterest Traffic to your Site

A Business Insider survey disclosed that Pinterest is the most visited site by online shoppers, besting all others including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

According to the survey, Pinterest’s image-rich format is one of the factors that make would-be shoppers choose it over all other social networking platforms.

Comparatively, Facebook accounted for only 12% of the votes in this survey.

This means that, with regard to building one’s online business, Pinterest should be one of the first places to check and be.

This huge following is precisely what drove me to invest much time and effort to successfully direct this huge, unmaximized traffic to my blog.

So, once I successfully achieved this with over 200,000 Pinterest followers, my succeeding questions were,

“Will this huge amount of Pinterest traffic convert?”

 “Is Pinterest traffic considered high-quality traffic from the perspective of a blogger?”

The answer to both is a definitive yes and you can for sure use Pinterest Traffic to your Site easy and fast.

Pinterest is a highly dynamic and interactive social media site that is used by engaged users to research and plan prior to making a product purchase.

I’m sure you can relate to this need to familiarize yourself first with existing options before making a final purchase.

So, if Pinterest happens to be the top site for online shoppers to visit with the ultimate goal of making a purchase, then it is definitely the best place to scour for sales-converting traffic.

See what I mean?

Well, the good news is that you can readily partake of this market through my easy-to-implement instructions and tips in this guide.

Do note that, like all processes, results do not happen in an instant.

Your efforts will take time to bear fruit and you’ll also need to do your share of hard work to ensure that they do.

As soon as you see the results, I guarantee that the time and effort you invested are worthwhile.

Recommended Niches for Pinterest Traffic to your Site

Technically, all niches that one can possibly think of or consider have the potential to be income-generating.

Out of the billions of internet users all over the world, including millions of active Pinterest followers, you’ll be sure to find others who will appreciate your products or ideas, no matter how peculiar or odd they may seem to most people.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, Pinterest is also an excellent place to establish your presence for sales conversion. In this platform, you’ll be able to grow your list, direct high-quality traffic to your niche website, market your products, and drop shipping.

Fo example, here you can learn everything about Shopify drop shipping.

Surely, there will be some niches that are likely to be more successful in sales than the rest.

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For example, the likelihood of driving considerable Pinterest traffic to your food blog will most likely be better than a skin disease-centered blog.

By the way, here’s another tip. Disease and generally repulsive subjects do not fare very well on social media platforms so if you happen to be deciding on appropriate niches to target, strike these out from your list.

Although not a comprehensive listing, here is my compilation of topics that perform splendidly on social media:

  1. Marketing and Business
  2. Income-earning opportunities
  3. Diets
  4. Weight Loss
  5. Exercise
  6. Recipes
  7. Relationships
  8. Gardening
  9. Toys
  10. Home Décor
  11. Pets
  12. Weight Loss
  13. Home Products
  14. Family
  15. Kids

My Tried and Tested Traffic-Drawing Process

Before I get into detail, I’d like you to envision and comprehend the big picture so that you can appreciate every step of my process better.

My system of drawing Pinterest Traffic to your Site is what I call the Pinterest Group Boards, and here’s how it works:

Pinterest Traffic to your Site

Based on this screenshot, you’ll learn that this group board has 188,15k followers.

So, what is the relevance of the group board?

Well, as soon as you’re accepted into a group board, you’ll be able to post and share your content with the group, and this content, in turn, gets reshared with all of the board’s 188,15k followers.

Now, think about how many group boards are out there. Aren’t the possibilities mind-blowing?

So, even if your Pinterest following is quite lame, say less than a hundred, you can still expand your reach by leveraging on the huge following from the group boards you’re accepted into.

What’s even more exciting is the fact that you can join over 200 or even more group boards and get to be able to share your blog content with them all!

You get to build brand equity, promote your site, increase visitor traffic to your site, which translate into increased chances of sales conversions.

Now, here’s how I did it:

1st Step: Open a Business Account to monitor Pinterest Traffic to your Site

To draw more Pinterest traffic, you’ll need to establish a business account with Pinterest. A standard personal account won’t simply do.

Don’t worry. Business accounts are also free, and the best thing is, they can further enable you to access more features such as Pinterest traffic and engagement analytics.

If you happen to have a standard personal account with Pinterest, it is possible to convert it into a business account.

If you wish to keep both personal and business accounts, however, you can also do so. Pinterest is quite flexible that way.

If you do not have any accounts with Pinterest, then you can readily open a business account for this purpose.

To access Pinterest’s business page, click here:

All you need to do is follow the instructions on the screen and you’ll be ready in minutes.

2nd Step: Make 10 Boards and 10 Pins on your account.

Don’t forget your goal at this point is to get yourself into as many relevant group boards in Pinterest. More pins you have more easier will be to drive Pinterest Traffic to your Site.

If you have a feeble, uninteresting, or incomplete profile, you will most likely be denied by the board.

So, go and create your most attractive and robust profile for your targeted boards. Know what attracts them and highlight aspects in your profile to cater to this.

To project a wholesome image, you may also want to add a good picture of you and your family.

As soon as you accomplish this, warm it up further by sharing personal information such as your goals and interests. Your goal is to make it welcoming, friendly, and worthy of trust.

As soon as you’re done with this, proceed to creating your 10 Boards and 10 Pins.

To do this, I suggest that you identify 10 relevant topics that you can employ as Pinterest boards.

For instance, if your website focuses on fitness, you may opt to create 10 boards on healthy foods, training and exercise, supplements, health goals, marathons, etc.

To provide you a reference of what I am talking about, have a look at the some travel Pinterest profile I’ve found as great example below:

Pinterest Traffic to your Site

In this example photo niche is travel, and my niche is ‘online marketing.’ So you will make your boards based on your niche, right? 🙂

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If you take a closer look at this sample boards, they touched on related subjects of traveling niche and these were travel bucket, travel blog posts, usa travel and so on.

So, after identifying and setting up your 10 board categories, your next step is to fill each board with compelling content in the form of pins. Make sure to make these pins interesting and engaging.

Pinterest users are drawn to this platform because of its visual content, and I believe it’s not only because there are images there, but more importantly, because the images are constantly updated and appear to have passed a quality standard.

So, I say give the users what they seek and you’ll soon discover that they are apt to follow you.

Also, once you find yourself accepted and followed by group boards, this creates a domino-effect where members of the boards tend to follow you as well, expanding your reach even further.

The more interesting your profile appears to your targeted niche, the higher your chances of being accepted and followed.

One faster way of finding the right pins to deck your account boards is to check the competition in Pinterest.

By referring to the same-niche sites, you are able to re-pin their existing images into your boards, and voila! you’ve completed the task in seconds with a profile that’s bedecked with pins that already gained traction in Pinterest.

Here’s how you can accomplish this:

Click on Search and type in the keyword that you think is closest to your niche or one of your sub-topic boards.

For instance, if your niche is centered on Fitness, and one of your boards is titled ‘Healthy Food.’

You can type in ‘Best Healthy Food’ on the search bar and it’ll pull down a bunch of keyword suggestions that relate to this category.

Just hover over any of these suggestions and click that red ‘save’ button.

Afterward, they’ll pull up a new window where you can opt to save your pin to any of the suggested boards listed as, ‘Top Choices.’

Select the most relevant sub-topic for your boards and click ‘save.’

It’s that simple. You now have your first pin.

Do the same process until you’ve re-pinned 10 images to all of your chosen 10 boards.

3rd Step: Following and Unfollowing

In my experience, this step is proven to be effective in increasing your number of followers and drawing organic traffic. Some might not agree though but it worked for me!

In a nutshell, what you do here is to follow some Pinterest profiles, and then, unfollow them. I know this does not make sense but I’ll get into details later.

Let’s discuss first how to determine who to follow and unfollow, which is easy.

Just search for Pinterest profiles that have a huge following.

Let’s take our ‘Fitness’ niche as an example here. The quickest way to find yours targeted profiles is to type in ‘Fitness’ on the search bar, click on, ‘people,’ and then press, ‘enter.’

By doing this, you’ll be directed to a number of Pinterest profiles that relate to fitness. The good thing is this niche already has a huge amount of following so if you play your cards right, you’ll most likely be able to draw these followers into following you.

So, once you’ve identified the target profile, just click on its ‘followers’ tab. You’ll, then, see a list of all its followers in Pinterest.

Pinterest Traffic to your Site

What you need to do next is just follow each one of them. Take care, though, that you do not alert Pinterest’s spam filter, which can sense when you’re following everyone in the same profile. It will stop you from continuing or worse ban your profile.

What’s the best way to manage this?

I’ve already devised a solution for this and it’s broken down as follows:

  1. In a day, only follow 100 profiles.
  2. In an hour, only follow 20 profiles.
  3. Unfollow those profiles that did not follow you back after five days.
  4. Make sure that you monitor your ‘follows’ and stick with the numbers.

Naturally, not all those whom you followed will follow you back. You can therefore easily unfollow these profiles after five days.

Here’s another tip. Always maintain a balanced Pinterest profile. What this means is that make sure your followers balance off with your volume of follows.

If someone checks out your profile and finds out that you only have a few followers but you’ve followed hundreds of profiles, this will make them doubt your legitimacy.

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If your targeted market does not trust you then all these will all come to naught.

So, if out of the hundreds of profiles you follow, only 20 followed you back, you will need to unfollow some of them after five days.

The usual percentage in terms of being followed back is from 1-15% of the number of follows.

There are cases, however, when it goes above this range, especially if you target the right audience.

In terms of followers, aim for 50-100. In my opinion, this happens to be the acceptable number for you to get accepted into group boards so stick with the numbers.

In time, you’ll also notice a steady increase of followers especially when you continue to create killer content.

Make sure to follow those who have followed you so you do not risk being unfollowed by them. To track this, just pull up your complete list of followers and you should be able to track which ones you’ve followed and those which you haven’t yet.

This will be a test of diligence and patience but you won’t regret after you see the positive results.

4th Step: Produce Compelling Content.

Ask yourself this, ‘What can you contribute to the group board that will make them accept you as one of their members?’

Content is the answer so be diligent and smart with your content creation. Fill your boards with value-driven images, pins, and other forms of content that will make people follow you.

Here’s another tip. Come up with a board that starts with ‘Best of (name of your site).’ Put all those pins that relate to your site’s posts. This is one way of directing your Pinterest visitors and followers to your blog.

5th Step: Create Cool Graphics.

This is where you get to make those interesting graphics.

One excellent site that can support you on this is Canva. Here’s the link:

In Canva, you’ll be able to create a large variety of graphics and images that you can post on your boards. These include posters, logos, fliers, and cards.

There are also images that are royalty-free which you can upload to your account. Check out Unsplash ( and Pixabay ( They’re great resource sites for cool graphics.

6th Step: Upload Pins.

As soon as you’re done with graphic creation, it’s now time to upload them to your Pinterest account with a link to your relevant blog content.

Remember the ‘Best of _’ board? This is where you’re going to store those cool graphics. To ensure that your followers get to check this board, make this particular board the first to be noticed.

Pinterest enables you to re-layout your boards the way you want to appear on your profile.

Again, remember to link every pin to the URL of your blog article.

This ensures that every time someone clicks on your pins, they are directed to the URL of your website. Also, this link likewise enables a ‘no-follow’ backlink from Pinterest.

Strive for a minimum of 10 pins in this board and maximum of 20.

7th Step: Targeting Group Boards.

Now that you’ve done your work on your account, it’s time to put them into action.

In Pinterest, there are thousands of these group boards, and in targeting the relevant ones, you’ll need at least 50 followers.

As earlier mentioned, being a member of these niche-relevant group boards will expand your reach outside of your circle of followers. This is actually the one that will help us drive huge traffic toward our site.

So, to find these group boards, here’s a link to the search engine that actually helps you do this:

8th Step: Requesting for Board Invitations.

You cannot just join a group board whenever you choose, sorry to say.

This is why we needed to dress-up our profile and make it value-giving to our targeted group boards so that we get to be invited and accepted.

Once you’ve identified which group boards you wish to join, know who the administrator of the board is.

To do this, you just click on the group board and the first profile that gets to be listed is the administrator. Request for an invitation from this administrator/s by following them as well as the group board. This is usually a requirement to being accepted.

Sometimes, just messaging the administrators for an invitation may also work, so joining a group board may vary from one to the other.

The most common practice is that they will ask you for your email. Some may also request that you answer some of their queries.

There are also some group boards that provide instructions on how to contact them for acceptance into the group. When you do so, try to compose a friendly message which includes information about yourself and why you’d like to be part of the board.

Also assure them that you will adhere to the rules and policies of the group board upon acceptance, and that you’ve already followed them if this is a requirement.

Provide a Pinterest email address, link to your profile, blogsite, and other social media accounts for easier reference and communication.

9th Step: Pin Away!

Hopefully, you get accepted by all your chosen group boards.

Usually, your invitation comes in the form of a notification email. You’ll also find a notification alert on your Pinterest account as a result of the invite.

You email inbox will then be full of invitations to collaborate.

As soon as you accept, you can then begin to pin all those images, graphics, and other forms of content you’ve been working on earlier to the group board and you will see Pinterest Traffic to your Site quickly!

Here’s a word of advice at this stage. Be mindful of the group board’s dynamics and adapt to it. If you notice that the content upload is slow, do not keep pinning away because it’ll give the impression that you’re in it just to spam.

You’re already part of the group so do not botch it. Stay cool and begin with one pin daily and see how it goes.

Once your volume of followers improve, so will your authority within the board. When you get to that point, you can pin to your heart’s content and be respected nonetheless.

So, that’s pretty much it! It’s that straightforward.

Tell me what you think about this and leave me a comment. If you wish to share additional input, that would be most welcome too.

10th Step: Turn on autopilot with Tailwind app

After you are done with manual work, simply use Tailwind to post automatically for you and make Pinterest Traffic to your Site on autopilot!

You can take Tailwind here for free.

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