Affiliate product promotion is essential thing you need to know if you want to succeed in affiliate business.

Today, we’re all about product promotion!

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We will answer questions about what goods and services must a niche marketer, like you, target; how and where to spot these products; and what tools can you equip yourself in order to push these goods and services in your affiliate website.

That said, I assume that you have, at this point, already set up your affiliate website, focused on a niche that’s not too broad nor too narrow, and driven up considerable visitor traffic into your site.

If not, please accomplish these first especially the last one because this is what will get your promotion application approved by your partner companies.

So, let’s begin!


What characterizes your moneymaking product or product selection?

We are operating a business and we’re here to generate income.

So, in this section, I will outline the characteristics of a good income-generating product or product selection which you can promote in your affiliate website.

This will act as your guide to determine whether the products or product selections you’re targeting are bulls or bears. What, then, characterizes a winning product for affiliate marketers such as you?

It zeroes in on the need.

I assume that you are at least familiar with your chosen niche. Why would you choose it anyway, right? Besides, how else were you able to build traffic in your website if not because of your niche-centered content?

That said, ask yourself what are the needs or challenges of your target market? Are there products that address these needs?

Before you choose which products to promote, you must find start with the problem and then seek the solutions. For marketers, problems are the opportunities to earn and once you’ve sought those out, find the best products that pose as solutions to these.

When you’ve rounded up the products to target, qualify if these products are necessities or ‘luxuries’? Are these needs or wants? In this situation, go for the needs and forget the wants.

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For example, a toilet bowl seat is a necessity in any school restroom but a toilet bowl seat that automatically opens and closes is considered a luxury. Go for the first one in this case.

A rhinestone-covered pair of pumps is a want while a pair of comfy office pumps is a need for your everyday commuting executive assistants, which, in this case, is your targeted niche.

To enable targeted customers to last throughout their day, braving the long walk and commute, she must have those comfortable pairs of office shoes.

Your product or product selection does not necessarily have to be the cheapest or the most basic. It also does not have to be a matter of life and death for it to be considered a need.

It’s all about what problem is your niche faced with right now and what product or selection of products enables your customers to solve it.

For starters, I suggest that you write down all the identifiable needs of your niche. Then write as many products of selection of products that cater to these needs. There are a host of sources to tap for these.

I will give you the most widely used and dependable sources in the later portion of this article. Let’s just pin all these characteristics down before moving on to that. So what other attribute must your product or product selection have?

It’s should be varied.

Do not cover only the products that you prefer.

People are unique, and therefore, have unique preferences that do not necessarily jive with yours.

At time, it might even shock you to know that most of your targeted customers prefer a product that you otherwise consider useless or out-of-this-world. So, don’t limit your choices and expect to learn more about your market’s choices.

It provides continuous flow of income.

Keep an eye on those products that not only give you commissions but a continuous flow of income. Of all the product attributes, this is a preferred one.

A few years back, my site’s rank bottomed because the browser I was using, then, changed its algorithm.

At that time, I was already seeing a tremendous amount of visitor traffic in my website, and consequently, earning thousands of dollars.

When my browser’s algorithm changed, I could not recoup my rank right away and what saved me from this situation were the products that did not just offer a one-time commission for a sale, but also, continuous payouts. These were the ones that promised me added commissions once the customer decides to renew his or her contracts.

These continuing payouts enabled me to sustain my expenses until I was able to recover my bearing again.

So, as a newbie in the business, this is the kind of products that you should prioritize in the selection.

It’s not cheap.

As beginners in the affiliate product promotion marketing business, you will tend to choose those products that are easy yet cheap to sell. Stay away from those as much as you can, unless they’re really raking in a huge amount of money.

If you market a product that’s priced at USD 5 and provides a 15 percent commission for every sale. Your income would be USD 0.75 for every sale. For that to be considered a sustainable income earner, you’ll need to sell a large volume of those products which means you must produce so much content and this demands a lot of time and effort.

If, on the other hand, you’ve got this product that sells USD 250 with a commission rate of 5 percent, this will generate an income of USD 12.50 per sale. This is 16 times the amount of the previous one.

You will need 12 sales per day to reach your USD 150 daily target for the second product while for the first, you must target at least 200 sales a day.

There’s a huge difference here in terms of resources and income. So, take my advice, and pick the highly priced items. Of course, I’m not saying that you push unreasonably priced products just because they’re proven moneymakers.

I’m saying people do not necessarily purchase the cheapest. I’d like to believe even the most prudent would choose the one that provides most value, which cannot possibly be offered by the cheapest product. So, to help your market, scour the marketplace for these best-value products and make the selection.

What I normally do is round up a list of valuable products and underscore their unique strengths. These will be my selling points. I’m sure your targeted niche will see that the price is worth the benefits that they get out of the product.

It’s a multi-tiered solution.

In choosing products to promote in your affiliate product promotion website, go for those that cater to as many needs as possible.

For example, instead of selling a simple backpack, why not sell a travel guide. Then, you can promote all the various travel gadgets featured in this guide. The best thing is that there’s so much content for you to choose from just by this one product. The broader the scope of the product, the bigger the market, and the higher the chances of making a sale.

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There is a lot of products that you can think of with this kind of mindset. The ones I mentioned are just examples, but you can even consider selling subscriptions that offer upgrades, making your product selection more expansive.

The important thing is do not just settle for just one basic solution to a need, if you can solve this need with a multi-level product that can also cater to a different market, then the more income opportunities for you. 

It could be everything that your niche needs.

As a newbie in affiliate product promotion marketing, you get to learn more and more things about your market as you go along. Make it a point to jot down these updates and rising stars in the marketplace.

Put together a list of all the products you’ve encountered and known that cater to the needs of your niche. This takes patience because you must not rely on what you know but you’ll also need to do a lot of research online, read product reviews, stalk influencers’ accounts to know what’s trending, and so on.

Don’t worry, all these efforts will pay off. Think of it as increasing your chances of making a sale, just like those subscription telemarketers.

They’re trained not to focus on the rejection but on making as many calls as they can in a day because it increases their chances of finding that one call that will generate the high commission that’ll compensate them for the next six months.

So, the more solutions you offer the market, the greater the potential of making considerable income.

Where to spot these income-earners

Now that we’re familiar with the profile of the products that you can tap for your affiliate product promotion website, let’s now proceed to where you must look to find them.


Yeah, it’s a no-brainer given that Amazon is the most popular marketplace in the planet. That is why it should be your first stop.

Amazon provides a bestsellers’ list which you can check, paying attention to those products that relate to your chosen niche.

Find out also what search words generate the most relevant products in this list so that you can determine your moneymakers.


     There is always Google Trends for your generic options. From there, you will find keywords to use when you conduct your search.

If your niche is a common enough one, there’ll surely be something valuable to mine here. Because Google Trends bases its list on online data, this may not work for those highly specialized niches, where not enough is written about them from which to derive a trending pattern.

     If your niche is an Apple level of market recognition, then you’re surely going to find something from here.

     Another Google tool that you can also consider is Google Alerts. If you subscribe to it, you will receive emails informing you about what’s new regarding your chosen topic.

     You can customize the frequency of alerts if you like to suit your schedule, so that your inbox does not fill up unnecessarily.

     The advantage here is you get first taste of what’s out there. Using this bit of information as a source of inspiration for the next blog enables you to target the trend followers ahead of your competition. Cool, huh?

Social Media

There are a lot of social networking sites to visit online, where people post a lot of information about themselves and their interests. All you got to do is get involved and listen.

You can dedicate a regular schedule to check out Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, or Viber Groups, just to have an ear on the ground.

Because of the speed of information nowadays, new developments are hastened. Where there are developments, there are opportunities for marketers.

Beer has been brewed for centuries but it’s constantly being reformulated and marketed. So get busy with the keyboard.


No matter how peculiar your niche is, there surely is someone else out there that is interested in it besides yourself. How much more if your niche is popular enough?

This means that there are communities out there formed out of a common interest. Find out the forum where like-minded people congregate in your chosen niche.

Like with social media, get yourself in and stay alert for opportunities or products that people are gushing about. Write about it and get those products promoted in your website. Tap the market.


While you’re still finding your bearing in this affiliate product promotion business, look to those who are already succeeding in your niche.

Study the competition. Know the products that they are promoting and get them in your website too. Learn from the experts. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when you’re starting.

     Find out which products they’ve been promoting for quite a while already as these most likely are the ones that provide them with reliable returns.

     You can also learn from their mistakes and do better in your promotion.

Affiliate Product Promotion Networks

Affiliate networks are huge organized communities managing thousands of affiliate product promotion programs.

Through this network, you’ll be able to oversee more than one affiliate product promotion program under one dashboard.

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Think of how many categories of products you’ll be able to find here with just one keyword search. To be a member, you only need to send in an application citing that you’ve published sufficient content on your niche and have, consequently, driven up considerable traffic.

There are times, though, that your application will get rejected due to insufficient traffic or at times it’s because they just want to know if your website is not run by a robot. In this case, you must contact the affiliate manager right away to prove that you are human.

For your reference, check out these affiliate product promotion networks that I’ve dealt with and proven to be very valuable in my sojourn as an affiliate marketer: Awin,, FlexOffers, Impact, Rakuten, and Shareasale.

Product Review Tips:

Now that you’ve found your products, the next skill to learn is composing your product review.

Know the key portions of the review.

In my personal experience, there’s no right or wrong way to review a product through your blog. It all depends on your strategy and communication style. You can position your links anywhere in your site and still have those conversions.

Just to get you started, though, I’m recommending this fundamental framework where you position your links in the introductory part of your article, another in the body, and then a last link as you conclude your article.

Normally, the introductory portion will generate more clicks than the ending portion. However, it is in the end that conversions are higher.

Why? The visitors that click at the start of your article are those that do not have the patience to finish reading and may skip your page.

The customers who click on the conclusive portion, on the other hand, are those that have greater interest in the topic, making them finish your article until the end.

Interested individuals have stronger intent to purchase and that’s why the conversions happen mostly in the end.

This also means how important it is to hook your visitors in he beginning and how crucial is the marketing voice in the end portion so that your audience who read until the end find themselves buying into your perspective about the product you’re selling.

You can still do it without the physical product.

They say that when you market a product, product knowledge is crucial to sales conversion. This is true. The more you know about it, the more confident your review will sound and if you’re a great marketing communicator, the greater your chances of convincing your audience to purchase your product.

What happens if you cannot afford to buy the actual product? Remember my tip about targeting the more high-priced products? It may occur to you that, at this stage, you do not have enough funds to purchase your product.

The answer is review anyway.

There are creative ways to research about the product and you just need to maximize the tools and information sources from where you can source these details.

Create sales targets.

As with all marketers, targets are important not only as success indicators but also as ways to drive you to keep improving your sales numbers.  As a new affiliate product promotion marketer, you can leverage from your competitors and find out the numbers that you can target and keep at it.

Also, study and monitor your performance, especially when you’re just starting out. If you are seeing 500 daily visits in your website but sale conversion is only at a maximum of five, there is something amiss.

Uncover what needs improvement and deal with it. Also, monitor if your solution worked. The key is to keep working on those targets and continue to improve your affiliate product promotion website as you move along.

Quick guide in adding website links.

Add link.

I’m assuming you’re using WordPress here as your content management system (CMS) because it’s the most widely used among affiliate marketers.

To add your affiliate product promotion link, just highlight the portion of your article that you wish to link and then just click on the ‘link’ button.

There are some differences in this second step which is to search for the affiliate product promotion link. Most programs only provide you with codes but do not show you how to use them in your editing template.

The first step is to search for the link that begins with ‘https’ and ending with a number-letter mix-up or a bar.

Make sure you test it first, and also, check that the codes are exactly as they appear because a difference of one letter or punctuation will result in an error.

If there is an ‘<iframe>’ ‘<div>’ or any words, phrases, or codes contained in brackets, you are given an HTML combination.

When you’ve been given an HTML code, what now?

Normally, I do not adopt this code as I prefer to manage how my links would appear. Most affiliate companies, however, do not allow you to do so, and instead, give you their own link phrase and image to use in promotion.

In WordPress Gutenberg template, you just click on ‘Preview’ to find out if your HTML code works.

Installing banners.

In promoting a product online, you’ll encounter the term, ‘banner.’ This refers to an animated promotion image that shows your affiliate product promotion code.

Usually, these ads are situated on the sidebars of your page or on your site widgets. To have these installed in the widget area, just click, hold, and move the HTML widget to your desired location. Key in the complete code in the text widget and save it.

Because banners are quite attention-getting, these types of ads get clicks and sale conversions easily, especially if the product you’re promoting is a widely patronized one.

The challenge, however, is that banners are too generic and not audience sensitive.

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This means that its content does not adapt to the visitor behavior.

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