Free traffic sources are something you have to master quickly!

For some people and companies, paid traffic is fantastic, but it’s really fickle. If cost-per-click increases, even a profitable funnel will quickly turn unprofitable. (Of practice I know how it happened to me).

And this is why I think the best sources of free traffic are. This might take a while to establish free traffic flows to your blog site, but once you grasp it, it’s completely worth it.

When and why do you need free traffic sources?

No matter how nice your website store is, the traffic can still not work. And increasing traffic to the web will get affiliate marketing to flourish.

Do you know that I have a 100% Free course on how to start affiliate marketing from scratch?

There are many ways to do this, and this is easy to do if you can implement it. Try to understand one thing it is not too costly and difficult to try and produce free, targeted traffic to your affiliate website store.

I have mentioned below the list comprising several reasons for taking the steps which bring your affiliate website store genuinely free targeted traffic.

  • There are no promotional funds you have to spend.
  • There’s no need to go out and pound.
  • You don’t require staff to handle the traffic generation.
  • Therefore, traffic can be brought to your company 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including all holidays.

Importance of Conversions rate

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to lead highly targeted traffic to your affiliate site. The first goal in affiliate marketing is getting traffic.

While using your website free targeted traffic, it is important to know that you do not want to drive any traffic across your website and need quality targeted traffic that you want to access to your own website and that you are prepared to purchase your product. The traffic is important for you to drive to your website and stay there long enough for you to make the offer.

Such free traffic sources can be used for your forums, websites, affiliate ads, Clickbank ads items, and they’re all new and working today.

Let’s go dive in free traffic sources

1. Quora

Do you know that Quora can be a focused traffic-rich source and is undoubtedly one of the most underrated providers of free traffic?

We all know that Quora is a question-and-answer platform-style website for pretty much any topic under the sun.

It is quite interesting that for one of my friend Catherine gets far more targeted traffic from Quora to her blog than those from Instagram, with much less work: she has less than 100 followers on Quora and answering about 20 questions a month, and on Instagram she produces around 30 posts a month and has more than 1750 followers on it.

Catherine says her blog receives around 12 percent monthly comparison traffic from Quora on average and is increasingly rising over time.

As one of the best free traffic outlets for anyone, Catherine recommends Quora to cover almost any niche. Also if Catherine deals mainly with travel and living abroad, almost everyone in any niche can get free traffic from Quora in any niche. Catherine also says she feels like she is helping people when using Quora, and at the same time driving high-quality traffic to her blog.

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Is Quora high-quality, free traffic?

Catherine said she could see a lower bounce rate on Quora traffic (69 percent) than other sources of referral traffic, including such Pinterest (88 percent bounce rate).

In terms of time spent on my website, Quora’s traffic often outperforms other platforms showing that the content is highly important and targeted:

And how does Quora actually operate, and what are the tips from which to get traffic?

You need to build a solid profile, complete with details, profile images, etc. It will give you authority viewed higher.

Instead, in the topics of your choosing, you simply go and find questions that you would like to answer. When you post the answer, the question will become available on the website.

Pages with questions also rank high on Google’s Page 1, and they get loads of traffic. You are allowed to link to your content but to make sure you don’t get blocked, you must be careful and obey a few guidelines.

A simple, to-the-point explanation that addresses the exact question asked in the form of addresses that works very well. The reader can find out your blog to see what other stuff you have on your blog if you write a good response, then eight times out of ten.

Your reaction shouldn’t even be marketing-pitchy or full of direct links. As well as members, Quora moderators will see through this kind of marketing and spam and potentially get you blocked.

Remember: you can get blacklisted or disqualified if you republish the same response repeatedly or have too many ties.

When you provide an answer on Quora, you should remember to address the point. Even if the answer is one line and if you insert a link to your site, there is a chance you get banned from Quora.

In less than three months of publishing, one reply from Catherine has got its 184 users.

2. Tribes of Pinterest and Tailwind

You might already know that Pinterest is an incredible traffic platform and is one of the bloggers’ best free sources of traffic.

Nonetheless, as it is a relatively recent software feature, you may never have heard of Tailwind Tribes (and you can read my own results here with Tailwind Tribes)

The influence of Pinterest and Tailwind Tribes is my number one traffic tip to bloggers. If properly used, Pinterest will attract thousands of visitors to your website on a monthly basis.

I could potentially easily create my own blog using my signature Pinterest Traffic Trifecta strategies. Tailwind Tribes is one of these techniques.

You know that Tailwind is an online Pinterest account management software. Tailwind has built Communities to help its customers work together and to extend their scope.

You can join my 100% Free Pinterest course.

A Tailwind tribe is a group comprising of people in the same niche and willing to work together to share the highlights of Pinterest within themselves.

In each tribe there are several members, with each member of the tribe having the privilege to add content to their Pinterest and elect them for sharing.

Other tribal members are expected to do the same, and everybody in the tribe will share the pins of each other by pinning the pins on their own profiles and sharing the content of each other with his followers.

My Pins reached almost 100 million people since I joined Tribes in January 2017! As per my Google Analytics, this grasp directly led to a rise in traffic and email users:

Looking to reach Tribes

This is the strength of Tailwind Tribes and Pinterest! Get it here.

Tribes are quite similar if you know Pinterest community boards, but the real magic of Tribes is in the data that Tailwind offers.

As a member of the Tribe, you can watch every Pin in the Tribe re-share counts. This information is highly useful in finding out what Pin designs and headlines do well.

Tribes are a Pinterest marketer game changer! So if you’re not even using Tribes to build your blog, users can sign up and start your trial free of cost for Tailwind.

Tailwind Tribes is certainly one of the best free sources of traffic that can operate really quickly, and that needs no huge investment in time.

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3. Search Engine Optimisation  

Do you think SEO is dead?

Luckily, no. SEO is still one of the best sources of free traffic.

In reality, Google searches grew steadily every year (you can read more about that here). And in the foreseeable future, they are expected to grow.

This means that SEO is still one of the best free sources of traffic available, and you should pay close attention to the possibilities to access YOUR website with a trillion users.


Don’t underestimate SEO’s power nowadays, it’s not dead, far away. SEO is shifting, so you need to too. Search for trendy subjects and write all your articles in an easy-to-use manner. Write your entire content for your readers, but bear in mind search algorithms.

For the past ten years Blogging and SEO have shared a very close relationship, and content quality itself remains a key factor in Google’s success.

I encourage you to use resources such as the Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends, depending on your industry, to validate your idea of the subject by the monthly search volume of this issue.

If you are obsessed with SEO, I recommend that you use advanced SEO tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs so that you can learn more about comprehensive keyword search, find the keyword difficulty, and find out who else is fighting these search questions.

You can also have a text analyzer in place, depending on your Content Management System ( CMS), in order to customize the article for keywords you like. For example, Yoast SEO plugin might be a good helper if you’re using WordPress.

My final tip would be to post blog articles frequently, maybe one to two articles a week because you will try to improve your user engagement and get more visitors to your site.

I focus primarily on SEO to move traffic to my blog. I know I can get traffic from Pinterest and social media sites. Yet I like the traffic of Google most because it transforms the most. What I do is write high-quality content, including my keywords in the URL, blog title, and the entire content.

I do have a few other Google entries on page 1. So, SEO is what I am most interested in getting traffic to my blog.

SEO Traffic Tip: build your competitive strength

Here’s a good tip from my experience:

You need big keyword research and detailed research on the subject to get free traffic to your blog. Google likes posting in-depth and posts in long-form.

I used Keywords Everywhere to determine whether a topic could rank on Google. This means: are people looking for the subject I want to write and classify on the internet?

I would also like to learn how competitive the topic is.


This means looking at the top ten results on Google and seeing how big the sites ranking my potential keyword (and how the Keywords Everwhere toolbar helps).

If there are only big sites that took the first ten spots on Google, I would probably not. And nobody ever looks beyond Google’s second tab.

If I think that on Page 1, I’ll focus a little bit harder on my keyword, making it longer, which normally makes me better luck (increases my chances of ranking on Page 1).

After I have obtained the best keyword, I will consider a couple of additional keywords I believe will identify and sprinkle on my blog posts.

The more free keywords you have, the better! Make sure the post is used normally.

Finally, I spread the post through my social media network and email list and try to make it accessible on other big websites.

Final tip: It’s easy to write more and better content than on Google’s first ten pages!

What about creating content in Google that will send you SEO traffic?

This is a topic that makes bloggers sweat – the actual content is created. It’s a lot of work, and how do you make sure your contents are good enough?

You have to create an optimized, excellent post.

Luckily, a successful post does not have to be “perfect” or have no grammar errors. And it does not have to be a technical article (such as a thesis).

Your article must be configured on-site. H2, H3, and H4 tags are also very relevant in the writing of your post.

For starters, you can generate your list of keywords with the Google Keyword Planner. You can add “Best Chicken Recipes,” “Best Chicken Recipes for dinner,” “Best Chicken Recipes in the World,” and so on when entering Google Keyword Planner.

Try to use your keywords and associated long-distance keywords in your post and in the whole post using long-tail keywords. It means that you have the best opportunity to get as much long-distance traffic as possible.

Pay attention also to your leading competitors’ article layout, which appears on Google’s first search results page for your keyword.

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  • Length of Article
  • Keywords in the heading H2, H3 (most browsers you can view the source code of the site)
  • Layout – how their material is laid out
  • How to present your article – general tone and material

Learn why your article is good and seek to improve your article in a similar way. And you could only find your article in Google’s search results.

4. Twitter:

Perhaps it’s shocking to see Twitter here, but it’s one of today’s most powerful free traffic sources.

Twitter is my site’s main traffic engine, contributing over 40% of last year’s traffic. Two tips on how I do it.

# 1. I recycle my best tweeting stuff. I use social media scheduling platform Agorapulse to plan all my blog entries.

Agorapulse lets you re-queue tweets and adds personalized UTM identifiers.

 # 2. Retweet all my latest tweets. I use a free script that instantly retweets my tweets of more than ten likes. You should do it manually.

Retweeting my best tweets helped me to increase connection clicks by 388%. Read all on making Twitter one of your free traffic outlets here.

5. Groups & Facebook channels

In general, social networking, particularly in Facebook groups, maybe truly effective free traffic outlets for your site.

Every time I post a new blog on my website, I take a few precautions. Many such steps are all part of my idea of playing more readers on my blog posts, recently published. The consolidated process takes on average no more than 30 minutes but is very reliable.

Phase 1: Sharing your Social Media blogs

The first move I do is to share my blog on each of my social networking sites. And I do it after publishing my blog on my website by clicking on social buttons directly below my post. To do this, you should make sure that you switch on social sharing on your site. Clicking the buttons takes a few seconds, so it’s simple and nice!

Phase 2: A list of email subscriptions

Next, I create a newsletter that contains the first few paragraphs of my latest article. So I can tell my subscribers that they’re ready for a new blog post.

Include a button in my email which tells you to click to view the full article. Which way if you like, I give my readers a glimpse of what they can expect. Or a hint, and convince them to go to my website to read the rest. That strategy makes getting more traffic to my blog easier for me.

Phase 3: Use Facebook as your source of free traffic

I’m still going to my Facebook groups and finding those threads that invite you to write your new blog post. This move helps me get more insight into my new material, so I strongly encourage you to do it.

The Facebook group Rising Tide Society, for instance, has a weekly thread called “Blog Love Wednesday.” I still share my new connection and get people to read it. There are plenty of other Facebook groups with their own weekly threads that allow blog link sharing on the weekdays for entrepreneurs. You can join any community that your ideal client is hanging in and look for those threads.

BONUS TIP: I always make sure, after all this, that I schedule my latest blog post as a pin on Pinterest by using Tailwind to post it on several boards I have chosen at the right time. Using Tailwind has increased my site traffic overall, so I strongly recommend trying it out!

Facebook groups are probably one of the most underused sources of free traffic, so you definitely should try!

6. Social Media Monitoring

I’m sharing another tip with you for a free stream of traffic for your blog or website:

Listening to what the public is talking about in social media is a smart idea. She then produces blog posts for answering questions.

I can submit them to the blog post I’ve already posted if I see anyone asking a question about how to create your audiences online!

It is necessary for me to shift my audiences from social media to my website to build my email list and to build a dedicated, loyal public.

In order to put it in practice, here is how you should bring here technique into practice:

  • Join different groups in your niche on Facebook (or talk at LinkedIn to see what your peers are doing in the same niche).
  • Review most frequently asked questions
  • Create articles about these issues on your blog
  • The next time you see this question asked in another post, simply answer the post with the link to your blog.

Wrap Up free traffic sources

These are some of the best free tools that you can use today to rapidly access your blog or website.

Your blog can be one of your marketing tools that are most powerful. Search engines send traffic to websites with appropriate content that is consistently updated, and a blog is a perfect spot to do so. The more you write, the more often your site is visited, and the more traffic you get from affiliates.

Also, the ongoing success of Affiliate Marketing depends on your continuous movement as an individual to find niches that are capable of conquering. You want to be able to build website stores for these products so that you can generate revenue on these Websites.

The only way to do this is to ensure that targeted quality traffic passes through these websites in enough quantities to generate sales.

If you liked this post, then you will consider using one of the buttons above or below this post to share this article.

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